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September 8, 2016

Once again I find myself watching my three year old color in her “notebook” and I am astounded by how peaceful the simple things in life truly are. Right now, Patrick-Henry, is sleeping in his PackNPlay while his sister plays and Mommy gets some quiet time.

At eleven months old, Patrick-Henry whose nickname is Pak-a-fenny (nickname came about because that’s how Providence the then two/now three year old pronounces his name), he is a little explorer. Gone are the days where he would play nicely in his playpen for hours at a time. These days if he isn’t crawling around free range, he is very quick to voice his displeasure. He even has a special cry that comes about every time he wants to play. It has this extra whiny/irritating tone to it that lets everyone know if he isn’t going to be having fun, he won’t be making it easy for the rest of the family to enjoy their activities either. The moment you come in close range to the playpen, the cry stops as he anticipates the picking up. Pick him up and you have a smiley, ready to be put down baby in your arms. Try to play with him for a little and he slowly becomes happy and playful. If you try to put more toys in for him to play with, he usually stops crying long enough to pick up every toy you gave him and throw it out of the PackNPlay. When he wants to roam, he wants to roam. Quite the determined little man, I have noticed.

I am quite blown away by how much personality he has for someone so young. I sincerely hope I was able to appreciate my other children’s personalities when they were this young. I just can’t remember their individual quirks anymore which makes me worry I wasn’t present enough to be aware of them. These are the times when bad memory is a curse.

While Patrick-Henry sleeps, Providence is sitting quietly next to me, keeping herself busy while coloring in a coloring book. She finished with her drawing of a flower for Minnie Mouse in her notebook and told me she wanted to color in a book, got herself up and found the coloring book she desired to work in, sitting back down close so she could talk to me while coloring.

Pakafenny just woke up asking for a bottle. His cry had the irritated tone but there were more “MMMMM” sounds which happen when he is hungry. It is interesting how different his cries can be. Side Note: I don’t think I was around enough to notice this as much with my other children.  As I made his bottle the cries quieted slightly while he watched me work. As I approached the PackNPlay, I could tell he was happy with the bottle because he immediately started backing up and then falling to his butt where he clapped his hands before falling backwards with a smile to lay down while keeping his arms out to grab the bottle I was putting within his reach. As I let go of the bottle he hungrily shoved it in his mouth while using his feet to grab a blanket and pull it over himself. I’m still impressed how much he uses his feet to grip and grab things, just like having another set of hands.

I know he isn’t going back to sleep. My time is limited now before he finishes his bottle and wants out of the playpen. Part of me is excited to see what new funny things he will do or how if he’ll continue standing in his adorable downward facing dog yoga stance. He puts his big head on the floor and then tripods his leg to stick his little butt up in the air. The funny thing is he stays in this position for several seconds. I wish I knew why he like that so much because I secretly hopes he keeps doing it for awhile, its absolutely adorable.

I am grateful I am being given the opportunity to see so much of my children’s growth. My children truly are the light of my world. Every day I wake up wishing I hadn’t and it is my little ones that give me the push to get my carcass out of bed and be a functional human being. I am so thankful they love me and consider me a good parent. I hope I am doing them justice so when it comes time to adult they aren’t as helpless as I feel right now.

Side note: Why doesn’t life come with a book? I would totally check that out and make copies to hand to random strangers. How am I supposed to raise functional little people when I barely know how to function myself?

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