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July 29, 2016

As I watch my three year old coloring quietly with markers in a coloring book and my 10 month old crawling and exploring the basement floor, I am astounded by how capable they both are at such young ages. Already they are passing through stages at the speed of light.

Patrick-Henry is just shy of his 10 month birthday and is already standing and cruising. He is showing himself to be quite the explorer. It seems too fast that he has already passed out of the stage where his days are spent on his back looking at the world around him. He was such a pleasant baby at that stage. Always with a smile and a laugh when you would pop into his field of vision. He seems to have so much personality. One of his funniest qualities is that he loves to be surprised. Whenever you can get him with a good boo, he laughs hysterically for a long time afterward, often trying to mime the surprise to get you to repeat it. These days it is harder to surprise him.

Just like the surprises are harder to come, gone are the days where he used to communicate with leg thumps. Every type of emotion you could imagine he was able to thump out. Still we get some thumps when we are giving him a bottle too slowly or he is joking around while changing his diaper. But where his method of talking was limited to thumping his legs, now he uses his face and coos, squeals, cries, and yells – all with many different ranges to each. He can swing his arms like he is waving and more than anything wants to be moving.

I miss my baby that layed nicely in his Pack n Play for long periods of time. Gone is the stage where I am his only source of entertainment. Now we are on to him exploring the world and defining what it means to him. I love the baby he is becoming. Each day brings more personality and more interaction with the little person he is growing to be.

Only 10 months old and my baby is growing so fast. I can’t believe how quickly these stages pass by.

Being a parent makes you realize how fleeting time truly is and how little we truly get to enjoy in our attempt to fully pass through life’s moments. I try to remember everything I can about my children but even with that I still feel I miss so much. I cherish that I am given ample opportunity to observe my children and their childish behaviors that are so endearing. My life just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have them to enlighten and lighten each passing moment.

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