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My husband likes to say things to my children. Often times these things are not true. Some times these things are weird. Always these things involve my children having no idea what is going on while Daddy exerts his authority.

Tonight’s episode involves Daddy getting the girls ready to sit down for dinner.

Standing in the hallways leading to the bathroom he tells my oldest daughter Patience, 8,

“Go wash your hair before dinner.”

She looked at him and was like, “What?”

“Go wash your hair before dinner.”

With a confused look on her face, she said, “Huh?”

“I said, Go wash your hair.” He repeated for her.

Trying to understand, she came back with, “Oh you mean my hands.”

To which he firmly responded, “No, not your hands, your hair. Aren’t you listening to me?”

With a resigned acceptance, she finally went in the bathroom. Then Prudence came along to continue the same thing.

Daddy sternly tells her, “You gotta go wash your hair before dinner.”

She looked at him blankly, “What Dad?”

“You need to go wash your hair before dinner.”

Same as her sister, she stated, “You mean my hands.”

In the same manner as before, Daddy responded walking her to the bathroom, “No, what is the matter with you two? I said go wash your hair before dinner.”

As he got in there, Patience was standing at the tub taking out her ponytail when he finally let everyone know he was only joking.

I think my kids are going to have a complex about their father and his little jokes. Or they are going to be well adjusted children that are able to deal with anything people throw at them. Who knows?

Still fun to watch in action.