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I will keep this one short because I am attempting to commune with the holy spirit that feels alive in my body, present in my mind, and in control of my thoughts.

If God asked you to believe something no one else would ever dare believe, do you believe you are strong enough to do something no one has ever been capable of before?

If God asked you to stop believing Jesus was his son, would you question?

If Jesus asked you to consider him as God, would you believe?

If the Holy Mother of Jesus turned out to be God, would you understand?

If the Father of Jesus turned out to be human, would you revolt?

If the Holy Trinity considered themselves evil, would you judge?

If your life turned out to be eternal death, would you pause?

If your death turned out to be in the past, would you feel alive?

If your future turned out to be staring at you in the mirror, would you talk to it?


These questions are only to make you call into review the very foundations of the faith that other profess to know inside and out in order to come to a deeper understanding of the true faith we are born to live and breathe.

I’ll answer one myself:

If your future turned out to be staring at you in the mirror, would you talk to it?

I have never liked looking at my reflection in the mirror. I often felt people considered me pretty and I figured that if I grew up looking at my pretty face too much I would end up being sad when I was old and my face was no longer “pretty” to everyone. When I realized I needed a mirror that wouldn’t change over the ages, I asked God to step in. Since that day I use God as the image of myself I would most like to represent. These days when I talk to my mirror (my God) I not only get a response, I am rewarded with feelings, emotions, understandings, mysteries, stories, and unveiling of interesting concepts and theories. So if presented with a mirror that actually talked to me, I can honestly say I would most definitely choose to have a talk with the voice.

If I have any interested readers, please take a question and answer it for me. Leave a comment, write a post, or just think about it yourself. I just want to get people thinking.

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