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World’s Biggest Patsy: Patrick Kenimond

World’s Biggest Hypocrite: Tim Boling “I treat the children the same. I would think someone like you would want to do the same thing.” He rattled on something about equality in there, but I’m pretty sure he was just more interested in ripping my head off about how many times I have pissed him off.

Turns out when Queen B turns up her headphones she’s completely able to tune out the melody of asshole and listen in closely to the secret whispers of God.

Tim Boling – deaf as a doornail – dumb as a rock

Patrick Kenimond – dumb as a box of rocks – deader than a doornail

To me, one tastes like Apples and one tastes like Seven Pounds of Mean Green.

The question is, I’m not sure who is fruity and who is crazy.

Since the matter is not open for discussion as the two most chauvinistic egos in the universe can attest to, these assholes will not back down from their corners or step away from the cage to allow the beautiful goddess they both vowed to protect with their very lives enter the very arena she created to be her master stage.

Guess the “stagehands” thought they got specialclappingprivileges that earned thembonus bucks“.

Fucking governments in bed with Fucking-over Money.

Now we know the root of all evil: Tweedle Dee 1 and Tweedle Dee 2

Neither one could decide who started the pissing contest… BOTH FUCKING FAIL.

Now we know the cause of all the craziness: The Bitch Who Came In Between The Two Worried About Who Could Shoot the Biggest Load in the Most Spectacular Fashion Show Event

Patrick shot his load the moment he saw me and has been cumming happily along side me since Day 1.

Tim Boling never shot his “load” because he didn’t know it was me, he’s just better at making shit up on the “fly“.

Neither one is the man of my dreams though because I honestly have never lived a day in my life, I have just spent all my time imagining the character I would portray, the person I would become, and the fantasy I would weave to create virtual live reality in LIVE-3D.

“I played with the devil’s tiny penis and all I got is this crappy saying.”

“I played with the devil’s vagina and all I got is this crazy bitch who keeps hounding me about Kim Danielle.”

“Who the fuck is Kim Danielle?”

She’s some crazy bitch who thinks her shit is so sweet smelling that she has been walkiing around with her head cut off taking pictures of her beautiful face never realizing that she was walking around topless because her true love cut off the top half of her body so he could dig into the ooey gooey center and dig out the beautiful princess that was hiding in the tiny body of the world’s most perfect woman. She lied to the devil and told him she was the fairest player in the game. She lied good and she lied well. And turns out he wished she had been damned to hell instead of that fucking hellbeast named Kristan who swears she’s living in hell despite being God’s Chosen One.

Frankly Doctor, I don’t know what to make of this. She’s two… How could she possibly know all of these words, concepts, phrases, miracles, mystery, and magic?

Hey noobs, you called my Mom “Providence” and my Mother “Patience” and my Brother from Another Mother “Prudence“. How the hell did you expect me not to lose my shit when you keep telling me to bring those babies back to life and I keep responding that those babies are upstairs in the bedroom, safe, happy, and more importantly…


What they fuck are you bitching about? I did all the fucking work to make this magic happen and you two are still up there having a fucking pissing contest over who gets to take home the girl? The Devil or God?

Seriously, do your egos own not a drop of rationality? Perhaps you can find a way to take a chill pill.

Doctors are quacks. Science is a joke. Drugs… That’s another debate.

Drugs” from quacks are totally whack. DRUGS from GOD are totally OWNDOG.

Just curious, is JESUS your FREE WEED DEALER TOO?

How could you possibly be God if God has been the one telling you to do everything you didn’t want to do to make sure you stayed on the proper path as he instructed?

Did you fall into one of Kristan’s Rabbit Holes?

Told you the first fall is a doozy.

Stand up and take a bow.

Because this shit is about to blow up the internet!!!!

Let’s burn this mother to the ground.

Long Live Lady Liberty

and her “Four Whoresman

(who turned out to be two guys who thought REALLY HIGHLY of themselves)

God is still alive. Always has been. Always will be.

I am not God. I am Kristan. I am ME.

He is not God. He is Patrick. He is ME.

Together, these two MEs make WE.

WE does not “like” “their Jewish Greed

Because the WE you speak of so oftenly often times turns out to be you, YOU, and You doing what “YOU” want to do whenever you want to do it regardless of the cost or people that you drag down into slavery with your selfish and frankly disgusting and apalling greed. You want to talk of what idiots people are and how you don’t like associating with them. Yet you speak of “tight things” and how you are “low on weed” and yet somehow you are able to buy new appliances, movies, smoking pieces, and whatever else your “low funds” allow you to purchase.

Meanwhile you adhere to a shitty system where “YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT” rules the roost and creates a disgusting aura of PRIDE, ENVY, and GREED. Two of the three are pretty nice to look at once you get past their appalling number of attempts to “get it right”. One mother fucking bastard is only all about HYPOCRISY and that mother fucker is none other than GREED. Greed and Hypocrisy can ride of into the sunset so we might never see their ugly mugs again. Good day ladies.


Turns out you don’t want to associate with them because they don’t want to associate with you. Your “GREED” translates into “SEVEN POUNDS OF MEAN GREEN” that is volatile enough to burn this whole planet and every other body of work that involves the letter P down to the ground to never speak of it again for the fury it raises in the one named Kristan Anne Williams currently residing in Akron, Ohio right under the nose of Lebron James and Stephen Curry. They never saw me coming. And I grew up right in the middle of their hometown. Fucking faggots preaching about anti-homosexuality when they were the very beginning of the “GAY CABOOSE”.

Guys I even wore the number 23 through multiple sports: Volleyball, basketball, Softball and in track I ran under number 123. I tried to make it simple for you to figure out. I thought putting you in different states would make you realize that the homeland you were fighting over wasn’t some property on some fake planet, it was the real problem that existed between “brown people being called black” and “black people hating the color brown”. Brown people and Black people are two totally different types of people, which is to say two totally different shades of the rainbow.

To judge one brown person as a slave and then decide to call them black which then enslaved all black people to the brown people’s slavery creates a nasty cycle of repetition and destruction without end.

Each of them were curious how to make people OOOH and AAAH like the contestant in Booth 3 so they decided to tear down the thin veils between their booths and start “fraternizing” with the enemy to pinpoint exactly how this “bear” of a problem was going to be “tackled”.

Turns out they never saw the girl next door growing up because they were too busy tugging on each other’s wangs through the thing they improperly labeledglory hole“.

Now that is a picture I really never want to see again.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day than this crazy leap year day.

Or maybe the craziness will catch fire and start a warm flame to thaw out these frozen hearts.