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Sometimes hypocrisy is too much for me.

Sometimes I wish the men in my life could step up and grow a pair.

Sometimes I dream of someone other than the man I’m married too.

Sometimes I imagine Mr. Dream Guy sweeping me off of my feet.

Sometimes I believe that Mr. Dream Guy is real.

Sometimes I pretend he is waiting to meet me until the right moment.

Sometimes I act like I don’t want Mr. Dream Guy.

Sometimes I choose the wrong path and the wrong guy.

But when push comes to shove and I have the choice between “the guy who tries” and “the guy who just is” I will always choose the guy that makes me happiest, in whatever form he must take, so that he might be as happy as I as we become one blended “family“.

Sometimes I get the crazy feeling in my mind that someone else knows what I am thinking.

Sometimes I wish that someone could read my mind.

Sometimes I dream of meeting Mr. Mind Reader.

Sometimes I imagine how good Mr. Mind Reader can make me feel.

Sometimes I believe Mr. Mind Reader knows me better than I know myself.

Sometimes I believe that Mr. Mind Reader is really in my life already.

Sometimes I pretend that Mr. Mind Reader likes to pretend he isn’t reading my mind.

Sometimes I act like Mr. Mind Reader is really amazing and wonderful.

Sometimes I choose to act like a crazy loon to throw Mr. Mind Reader a curveball.

But when push comes to shove and I have the choice between “the guy who loves me” and “the guy who stuck his dick in my mouth” I will always choose the guy that makes me happiest, in the form he has always taken, so that we might be as happy together as one “crazy” family.

Sometimes I wish my dream guy would wake up and decide whether he wants to live as Mr. Dream Guy or Mr. Mind Reader because regardless of the choice he makes he will still never manage to get the ring on my finger before Patrick Kenimond. Because as it turns out Patrick Kenimond put a ring on it back in December 2001. I just never cared to make him march me down the aisle to rub everyone’s face in the fact that I was the luckiest woman in the history of the planet that was able to snag the most magical man you will ever meet that will never believe that magic is real. My husband is that amazing. He has magical abilities that he doesn’t even believe are possible. One day he was normal. The next day he was a superhero, complete with a superhero name and power and everything that goes along with it. And still he thinks I know what it takes to make him happy.

Crazy things always happen on Leap Day of Leap Year.

Wonder what we are in store for this year….


One Direction – Perfect

Or perhaps God might have something more perfect in store for someone more special…

Sometimes God just wants you to know you are special the way you are made because without you, this puzzle is still missing your piece of the face. It is time to bring all the big pieces of the face together to get a final glimpse at God’s Most Perfect Piece of Art.

Find what makes you special. When you look back over the life you chose to lead, what is the part that made you happiest? Who is the person who meant the most to you? Who said the most important piece of information that was pivotal in changing who you are going to become? Who asked you to pause time so he could make things perfect for the most perfect girl to ever see this side of the coin? Who pieced this puzzle together for you so you could get a glimpse of the magic in action? Who decided that it was time for the world to see the magic behind how God makes things happen?

Nobody can drag me down.

All my life, you stood by me.

When no one else was ever behind me.

All these lights, no one can ever blind me.

With your love, I refuse to be dragged back down.

It’s time to stand up and decide what will be your breaking point on the crazy meter. What is the one thing in this life that has kept you from becoming all that you have ever wanted to be?

Was it money? Was it greed? Was it racism? Was it pain? Was it negativity?

Or is it possible that the only thing that is keeping you from becoming you is YOU?

Decide what it means to be you.

Decide who it means to be YOU.

Because if you can’t decide for yourself, how in the world is God going to make you happy when all he asks is for you to tell him exactly what you need most when he is able to spare no expense?

The hard truth is God cannot help you until you choose to help yourself.

The moment you choose to help yourself, you will find God standing there to finish the job.

Just. Like. That.