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When the world comes at you full force, attempting to take away all that you know, all that you feel, and all that you dream of becoming, there is no excuse to not stand up and demand:


Who is ME?

Me depends on when you are talking to me. Sometimes the ME part of this equation is the mother of four wonderful children. Sometimes the ME in me is hating on the husband I have for failing to be an equally contributing member of my household. Sometimes that darn ME is head over heels in love with that same man that makes me want to scream for how isolated and lonely he makes me feel. Sometimes I am a woman who dreams of being seen by the world for the imagination I possess, the passion I portray, and the justice I seek.

The always part of ME desires to be heard. ME dreams of having her voice heard in the hearts and minds of all connected to me. ME is real and ME is here to stay.

ME hears the cries and pain and suffering in a new and unconventional way. ME hears your tears and fears and takes them into the body of work that is ME. To say that ME doesn’t understand you is to say that YOU don’t understand what is wrong with you. Before ME can take away your problems, you must first tell ME exactly what is wrong and why what is wrong does not work for you. Otherwise, when ME comes to tell YOU how to make life better, YOU will just tell ME that “HE” doesn’t know what he is talking about. Which when talking about the big HE is quite a silly thing to say.

So rather than pray to God above for help with your problems, perhaps take the time to help yourself first, until you find yourself at a place where you can no longer move, and then turn to ME and say “Now you have me dead to rights, please lead me forward into the future. I will follow you no matter where you go.”

When you finally ask ME why what ME has to say is so important and always right, ME can honestly say:

Once upon a time, I was YOU. All liked to tell me how to be YOU. I decided that ALL had no say over the YOU I thought was ME. And so I decided that I would be the ME that all need, so that we might all be free to be YOU and ME without any say from THEM and who they want to be.

When I decided I was going to follow ME no matter the path I had to traverse, I decided I wanted a traveling companion, not just an enigmatic concept, so I asked ME what he would like to be called. To which he simply stated:

“Call me yours forever because there is only one name you can know me by.”

I did not feel that Yours Forever was truly his name so I continued to press the issue. I knew that I already had one man and four children who were mine forever, how could this man possibly be another “mine forever”?

“Yours forever and mine forever are two unrelated concepts. Mine forever are gifts from above to keep you safe from yourself. Yours forever are gifts from ME to thank you for serving him so honestly.”

I now understood the difference between yours and mine but I was still failing to see how his answer gave me a name to call him. Rather than continue to question one who only raises more questions than he answers, I decided to call him the only name I could think of for one so special.


So now Jesus and I are quite the pair. We like to travel through life together deciding what is the best way forward. We both know that we are not going to get what we expected out of life but we are both resting securely with the knowledge that whatever the future might bring, WE are all in this together.

YOU, ME, and HE.

With a team like that on my side, I feel that world peace might just be around the corner.