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In a day where I am manic as balls, trying hard as hell not to lose my mind over the myriad of manic bombs we have going on in our house I managed to accomplish the following:

  1. Ate breakfast with Prudence
  2. Washed all of the dirty dishes
  3. Carried over two buckets full of water and two jugs
  4. Made cereal for brunch
  5. Created “Who’s Smarter” game for first and second grade schools
  6. Created extra learning about words for Prudence
  7. Ran through flashcard vocabulary with both Pay and Pru
  8. Created three different dinner options from a bare pantry
  9. Did not lose my cool or freak the fuck out
  10. Flushed the toilet full of other people’s shit

Yeah I put that on the list because it is 11:00pm and I haven’t had time to take a dump one solitary moment today, however somehow I am the only one that can carry water over and put it in the toilet to make everyone else’s shit go down nice and tidy leaving me too disgusted to want to take a dump after a long hard day at the never get paid but always get more work laboring “job” called parenting.

But that’s my life. I’m worth nothing more than a glorified poop flusher. I take everyone’s shit and try to make it smell better, look prettier, or get the hell down the poop chute.

And no one gives me a god damn penny for making this shit look easy.

God damn it all to hell.

Please send some spare change my way. I have not earned a single dollar for my writing. All you see on my page is things I’ve valued to try to get the ball rolling. If you could spare some change and like what I have to say, I could really use some money to make my life easier. I need running water. And I need $900 to get that turned on. Please, please, please send help my way so I can take a shower. It has now been 14 days since I was last able to clean myself. I shouldn’t have to check myself into a psych ward so I can take a shower to clean myself up. That’s just ridiculous…

But that’s life on the lump.


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