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So I try to teach my children what the school has failed to teach them and then I also try to supplement their education with my own life lessons along with coming up with new and inventive ways to get my “BORED-To-dEATh” child to take an active interest in her education.

Today’s lesson started with me trying to make flashcards to help Prudence learn to read. Because she got a C- on her first term report card. UNACCEPTABLE. Un – f’in – acceptable. So I’m getting to work making sure my child has the skills to get pay the “A” Bills at school.

My first round of teaching came up with developing my own way of making sure she could sound out words with educated help. Basically, I made a bunch of lines, dots, a…

Husband read this and said chill as can be, ” yeah, you’re definitely going manic.”

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