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Life changes come hard and fast living life on the lump. Welcome changes swept through last night after I had spent the day making the house feel like a home. I cleaned, rearranged, strategically hid, decorated, and tidied the house into submission and made it feel like a treasure to the people living without water presently and electric as soon as the 19th rolls around.

After working hard all day around 8oclock, Grandma and Grandpa Beardy show up with unexpected albeit forewarned presents for the house. The girls were treated to a seems-like-new Queen size box spring and mattress for their bedroom. It is floral and clean and shiny with sheets that smell like Grandma’s place. Exactly what three future Queens need to sleep on to get a good nights rest so they can grow properly and healthily. Since Providence is still without a diaper we put her old pack and play mat on the mattress covered with a blanket to sop up any late night accidents. All girls fell right to sleep at bedtime. It was a wonderful feeling seeing them being able to spread out comfortably, on a comfortable place, and enjoy the space they are in. It is music to my ears and poetry for my heart and unconditional euphoric love emanations for my soul.

In addition to the real bed for the girls, my Dad and Grandma Lisa brought a collapsable twinsize cot with a thin mattress-like-pad to go with it. Despite Grandma being embarrassed that it might be dirty, or mildew smelling, or dusty along with all the other things people get embarrassed about when giving away their things – I could not have been more thrilled with their generosity. I WASN’T GOING TO BE SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR ANYMORE. Almost no matter the state, any bed like shape in better than the cold hard flat floor and when I was only expecting a bed for the children this came in as feeling like a gift from God. Always a wonderful way to feel. I dressed up my perfectly sized bed perfect for squishing up close to my husband who never caresses me enough for my liking to look pretty in our pretty green room. Today I will spend time rearranging our room and making it feel as good as the rest of the house now feels. What a wonderful way to have to work!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Beardy for continuing to look for ways to help our family that don’t cost anything besides going through the stuff you don’t want anymore or finding stuff on the side of the road (in the case of the mattress). Whether it was free or freely gifted “junk” I accept it wholeheartedly with nothing but blinding love for someone willing to help my family when they cannot help themselves.

I have picture taking to do and more decorating/rearranging to do which will come as a post for later today. Stay tuned for more life on the lump…

If you have any to share, or care to spare, please feel free to send help my way. I’m sitting firmly on my lumpy state of affairs at

49 N Balch Street  Akron, Ohio 44303

Feel free to email your comments or suggestions on tips and tricks for navigating the murky water of poverty at exploringalura@gmail.com

I also having texting available through my husband’s cell phone despite being “shut off” for nonpayment. Weird state of instability, but if you have urgent need to contact me quickly, I am willing to share that number with anyone actually having help to provide.

Or if you want to stay anonymous and are able to help, check out my GoFundMe at


More to come as I get photo documentation and video proof of how simple it is to change a house into a home with focus determination and energetic displays of lovingly decorated affection.

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