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I am getting tired after spending the day enjoying my clean, organized, home-ized, and prettily feeling comfortable house. I cooked in the kitchen, rearranged the girls bedroom, added decor to my bedroom, hung out on Longman Lumpy which has been converted into a couch in our dining room and I used the living room to spend the evening playing Monopoly with the family. It has been a really happy day made happier by having a good feeling space to take care of real life-business.

Stadium Seated Sleeper

The Last Good Photo taken before Lumpy became a downstairs friend.

I didn’t get to take the photos I wanted and the house isn’t in a clean state to run around and take care of it now that everyone is sleeping. Instead I will upload the last video of Patience and Prudence playing on Longman Lumpy in their room, right before Grandma and Granpa Beardy showed up with their new bed.

The original video was eight minutes long but after 1 minute and 45 seconds my oldest daughter (AT ONLY 7 YEARS OLD) pulls down her pants and shakes her bare butt before I realized what she was doing. Shortly after she then lifts her top and shakes her nonexistant boobs for the camera. … Yeah, I literally have little Girls Gone Wild going on in my house. It is a nightmare trying to get these lame-brain children to act their age and stop shaking their naked bodies every chance they get. I mean, I’m trying to show them off to the world and they keep taking off all their clothes. WTF! I don’t want to see that. And I certainly don’t want to get in trouble for them being weirdo flashers at the age of six and seven. Especially considering we have creeper neighbors who actively try to look in our house and actually use their cellphones to record us while watching through our windows. Ugh… I’m surrounded by the abnormal behaved people which makes sense considering my abnormal bipolar tendencies.

I can’t believe my children are acting like teenagers already. I pray that all this booty shaking and weird non-boob having but mimicking adult behavior showcasing will stop before they actually have boobs and butts to shake. It would be my worst nightmare if my daughter doesn’t learn that men don’t care about booty shaking or boob jiggling, all they really love is a good clean home and a happy family and that anyone focusing on the body isn’t worth wasting the time trying to play nice and make believe and house with.

But that’s just my opinion.

The video I shared via YouTube – only 1:45 long:

Longman Lumpy Loving

Please help contribute to my family. Our electric will be shut of shortly if we cannot come up with $257.68. I can continue to live without water. My life will not function if I cannot keep the electric on. Thanksgiving will be a no go for sure. But that’s worst case scenario thinking when all I’m asking is to pass me around to someone who might be able to send some cash my way.


Or feel free to send any items you don’t need to my house (if you think it will help in any way)

49 N Balch Street

Akron, OH 44303

Whatever you do, I know I still appreciate you.

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