In my humble opinion, it is far wiser to let someone say it best than to try to make my own words on the topic. This man gets it right regularly and without vulgarity or callous assumptions.

Thank you again John for saying what I cannot eloquently find a way to say. Peace for one, peace for all.

john pavlovitz

Frightened-young-girl-1440x1030 copy
I despise bullies. I always have.

As a young boy,  when I scanned the hallways at school my eyes instinctively sought out the underdog and the marginalized. I pushed back against those who brokered in intimidation. 

Into adulthood I’ve retained the same burden for those who are being victimized by individuals and groups and structures and systems, and I’ve tried to speak boldly into those places of injustice. 

That’s why I hate terrorism.

Terrorists are simply bullies with more experience, bigger weapons, and a greater capacity to damage.

Wherever and whenever they surface, the terrorists’ M.O. is always the same: inject fear into the hearts of their victims with a swift and brutal violence designed to disrupt their routines, alter their behavior, and wound their psyches. The terrorist purposefully creates chaos and then exploits the confusion in its unsuspecting targets caught in the middle.

Yes, what we’ve witnessed in the streets of Paris certainly qualifies as terrorism, and we as a global community…

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