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Yesterday was a “high day”, one where I spent the day feeling good about myself, my life, and where I am at “in the moment.” Days like yesterday are a much needed break from reality because they allow me to momentarily step into the role I am working towards without actually getting there first. It’s almost like pressing the up button on a hundred floor elevator and upon opening the doors being able to see the amazing view from the top without ever having to climb the stairs or ride all those floors on the way up. It’s quick and fleeting but always gives great perspective and allows for refocusing without worry of messing up something in the works.

I had from around one o’clock in the afternoon until well past midnight to myself and my baby Patrick-Henry. I wrote a blog post, created a work poster (see below), stuffed my face with food, took care of the baby, and sat on my butt all day without any qualms about being lazy.

This is my first try at coming up with a charity worthy work poster to hopefully drum up some business where I can earn some cash.

This is my first try at coming up with a charity worthy work poster to hopefully drum up some business where I can earn some support. Let me know if you see some areas where I could improve.

It was wonderful. I did not really accomplish anything great but I was able to get a very real day of restful relaxation. I didn’t worry about the chores I could be doing or the planning I need to get life back on track. No, yesterday was nothing more than enjoying the peaceful calm that comes when your home clears of all its lovingly chaotic activity for the day. It was everything I needed after such a long and stressful period for the family. With that day under my belt I am beginning to plan and plot for the future and pick how I am going to progress while spending my time wisely.

I realize now that I need a lot of alone time to process my thoughts. Before I did not hold this to be a vitally important part of my day. Now with my clarity, I see that alone time offers much benefit to me. I use it to collect my thoughts and gather my emotions which leaves me in a better place to support my family. I take the time to spin new ideas and creative ventures in order to dream of a new way to financially support my family. I stretch the time by trying to connect the pieces of the world of famous people to my very plain-jane life to keep things interesting and imagine an ugly goose becomes golden loved-by-all-goddessa story that I would play the main character in. And now I realize, I enjoy taking the time to write down what is going on in my brain – for no other reason than it feels good to get out and makes warm fuzzy feelings when I see other people taking an interest in my words and ponderings.

My next priority is keeping my body physically motivated and active. I enjoy working but with the very big exception that the work has to be mentally stimulating, morally sound (by own personal code of morality which is very different from most people’s), motivationally-physically active (like cleaning up around the house – as you actually work, you see actual improvement), and movingly different each time the work is completed. I have found that I work best when I am working FOR something. I work around the house because I am literally working to keep my family happy. When I was working as an accountant, I was only working to get a paycheck which did not make my family happy without a lot of extra work on my part, therefore the job was not rewarding enough to maintain my focus and attention.

Based on my preference to be alone a lot and my desire to work hard for a good purpose, I came up with the idea of selling my “Mom” capabilities and super-powers to any one willing to barter services, pay in food items, toys, and household wares, or help my family support themselves with stupid cold hard cash. Being a mom means I have to wear many different hats, often simultaneously, to be able to run a cohesive household where everyone is getting what they need. I literally have skills that don’t pay bills but should make “mills” because of how it “chills” stress to the core and leaves everyone wanting more.

And doesn’t that seem like something that everyone could use a little dose of in their life? Even if they can’t afford to pay for it, I feel strongly enough about how important such things are in your life that I am willing to work for nothing more than a hug and a loving warmth-filled thank you for my kind work for those who need my services but have nothing to spare.

Enter Life on the Lump.

This life is full of chaos and constant motion. It takes it out of most people and leaves them begging for sleep, rest, or relaxing-play time. Enter Manic Mommy who runs on the power of love and moves according to who needs what the most at any given time.

I am capable of cleaning and organizing large areas in very little time. I have years under my belt of living in messy and cluttered houses and rushing to tornado-clean them every time company or a holiday came a-calling. My spatial recognition and cognitive matching skills are impressive and enable me to multi-task in this field extremely efficiently. My basic plan of attacks for messes is to spread out and organize the mess (which makes it temporarily look worse) and then quickly and efficiently pick up and pack away the organized clutter that I made, to leave the space looking great and feeling “done” and ready for anything.

I am then able to take the clean areas and space to plan for comfort, fun, and relaxation.  I can turn any space in a fun whimsical area for a party or event. Reorganize and relocate existing furniture and decorations to create warmth and a homey feel to the area. And I am always able to spot room for improvement in simple ways to make the scene more comfortable to the touch. From whichever way you might be looking in at the view.

I don’t care about what things are or the way they “were”, I generally just spend my time rearranging items to look as pretty as possible in the space I’m working with.

This window is an example of how I work and make the space look different. As I was cleaning the kitchen I picked up odd pieces of junk that I had no idea where to keep but didn’t want to through away for one reason or another. So I started decorating my windowsill with garbage. And rather than leave it as garbage in my mind, I assigned special meaning to each piece, building myself an altar or sorts, made of all the pieces and parts that fell apart while spending the time toiling away at work or play. In the end, the artistic clutter feels better than a naked window sill devoid of decoration. Sure it’s almost all garbage up there, but it the whitest version of garbage I can think of and to me, white always feels like heaven, even if it looks like trash to the naked eye. If you’re curious what anything means, feel free to ask – I’m always willing to share my crazy logic and reasoning. And if you see anything you would like to purchase for your own home, make me an offer because I’m willing to do that too because the things I have are always worth less than the price of keeping my family happy and are therefore completely disposable at a moment’s notice.

I can do this any time, any where, and for any person. And I love when I get to help someone else by cleaning up their mess. It makes me feel more whole to know I’ve lessened the mess for another caring soul. I’m willing to talk, email, drive, or travel to help people with whatever they need a helping hand with. I want to be that person. And talking with my family about it, they would love to be an on-the-road, home-schooled family that travels the country helping people and doing good deeds for local communities.

So sign us up for the “Free Help for the Needy” and “Help Us By Helping You” bandwagon Mommy is looking to get started. First step is letting me know what kind of help is needed and what I could do for you.

And if you have anything to spare, please share it via my GoFundMe account I’ve created to beg generosity of those with more to contribute to my life with less. Especially if you have no way for me to help you otherwise.


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