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Part of the reason why we have no one around us to help is because while we were “on top of things” we chose to surround ourselves with petty assholes who never forgive, never forget, and are willing to let their “friends” suffer because they don’t agree with the choices they have made in their life.

So in essence, we are all alone because we chose to surround ourselves with people who only care about themselves and what they believe is right.

True friends are there when you need help. True friends don’t try to get you to walk away from the mother of your children when you have to worry about things like water, electricity, food, phone, and other bullshit problems that present themselves when you don’t have money. True friends remember that people go through tough times and sometimes those tough times include losing your mind and losing control of the person you want to be and the things you need most.

Shitty people judge a person after a mental breakdown brought on by extremely poor living conditions. Shitty people continue to judge a mentally unwell person for not getting better “quick enough” despite worsening living conditions. Shitty people withhold valuable help in times of need in order to pressure people to do what they want.

Unfortunately my husband is in contact with only one of his “friends” from the good ‘ol days and that friend is the one actively spewing negativity at my husband to walk away from me. This person doesn’t know who I am these days, he doesn’t know who I was since I had my breakdown. All he knows are the pieces and snippets of information he gets whiffs of from time to time when, basically when my husband reaches out for consolation and companionship and company during my extremely rough patches where I am unable to console him myself. And with those pieces of nonsense (from times when I am not myself and not in control of my mind let alone my ability to make rational and logical decisions) he strings together a picture of how he imagines things to be while actively encouraging courses of action he is not at all informed to be instructing my husband about.

Please tell me how you can “know” the problem in a person’s life when you fail to be present for any of it?

Please explain to me how you can be considered a “friend” when you will withhold help from someone you know is in desperate need of it?

The truth of the matter is, you can’t. Without being there day in and day out you are unable to offer a single drop of helpful or valuable advice. So to that end, shut the fuck up and actually help or shut the fuck up and get out of our life.

Easy peasey. We don’t want your shitty “help” that comes in the form of uninformed, unhelpful, and totally fucking biased judgement. In exchange for you keeping that bullshit to yourself, I will keep from hating your existence. But no matter what, please know I see you for the piece of shit you are and I know that Patrick is better off with a crazy ass-bitch like me than he will ever be having shitty ass-friends like you. He likes bitches not hoes, and you’re talking to Queen Bitch. You’re just the hoe shoveling shit in his ear trying to get him to walk away from what truly makes him happy. When I ask him what he loves more than anything, he said “you” to which I clarified he meant ME, Kristan Anne Williams. And you would tell him to walk away because you believe me to be “napalm”. Well you’re right asshole, I am fucking-napalm and he’s done gone and got his dick addicted to my dynamite in the bedroom. So “you”can go fuck yourself and take your petty ass opinions and share them with someone who thinks the words coming out of your mouth are anything more than unintelligent and unedited and unoriginal pig swill hogwash.

The “you” I’m referring to is named Tim Boling. This same man actively verbally abuses his wife, beats his children, his dog, and “playfully” beats on his wife. And this is the person telling my husband I deserve to be left in the dust because I bashed a bong against my husband’s forehead during a violent manic breakdown. This is the same violent fuck that threatened to “beat my ass” when I ran my mouth about what a worthless fuck he was after coming into my house unwelcomed and unannounced and uninvited through my backdoor. He was ready to bring fists to a verbal sparring after I lost my shit at having to look at his shitty face, feel his shitty presence, and listen to the garbage he was spewing.  Hypocritical fuck.

The way I see it, he’s just jealous he ain’t got the way with words like I do. All he has is his shitty attitude, manly punches, and tiny-dicked dickhead-ego to manage his life with. Not my fault you act like a dick rather than present yourself as a real man.

But that’s life on the lump – you win some and you lose some. Hopefully we can lose this asshole entirely from our life.

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