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THE PURPOSE: To educate my children on how to be morally sound “grown-ups” who are happy with life, without money being a necessary part of their education. To demonstrate to those on the low end of the totem pole how to think circles around those with “more”. To find a community who accepts my big mouth, appreciates my crude humor, and tolerates my harsh words, because they know I am only all about making people happy. To create a world everyone can be happy in by showing people how to accept generosity as well as how to be generous when you have nothing tangible to share. To support my family and grow into a loving group of people through which no amount of darkness can separate.

Introduction: My life is pretty shitty. Now I’m really good at making “shit” look good and sound great but the reality is – shit is still shit and I’m tired of living like shit, surrounded by shit, and paying for shit I don’t care about. Based on all of the shit I just described, defined, and dramatized, I feel like I am in a perfect position to show people how shitty life can get, how to make “shitty” circumstances work for you, and how to turn a piece of shit into a work of art other people want to give a shit about.

THE BULLSHIT PROBLEMS: Money and Employment, Food and Utilities, Family and Friends, Comfort and Essentials, and “Having a Life”

I believe most people are battling with any two or three of my very real issues at any given time. And I know if you don’t have much of the first, you aren’t likely to have much of the rest. Since my family are bosses at being “losers at life”, we simultaneously confront ALL of this bullshittery every day of our life, having little to nothing to show for our efforts, with conditions worsening every step we make. Since I feel we can get no lower, I consider my life to be the lowest of the low and therefore at a point in which I can use it to guide others to a better place, leading by example from beside those to whom life took too much from and never cared to pay back in fair return.

THE PLOT: Unmarried baby mama living with her unemployed baby daddy waiting on his government “benefits” (see definition below) to support the four children we cannot afford to have but couldn’t afford to not have while trying to earn money any way possible and provide a life for the children they deserve and above all else, that they can be happy with. Willing to accept generous donations, dictated contributions, and outright directed assistance in order to make ends meet.

Written in real time since my life appears to move at the speed of light.

THE PROPOSAL: Fund my family through charitable donations to be used as I see fit. In return for charitable donations, I will return a piece of art from one of my children and detail exactly how I chose to use your money. My children are mass creators so there is never a shortage to share. You can also help my family through “strings-attached contributions”. These contributions come with your explicit instructions on how the funds are to be spent or what areas not to spend the money on. As proof of where the money went, I will send photo documentation. Finally, assist my family by joining my fight for a happy life by becoming part of the family. My family members will receive text messages, emails, or other communication about how we are doing, where we have less, where we could do with more, and what we are planning to share in the future. Family members will get lots of photos of life as we live it and examples of love as we show it. All I ask of family members is to send help as often as you can manage – for me, for my family, and for every needy person who crosses my path. I guarantee if your “help” isn’t directly helpful to mine and my own, I will find someone who needs it more than I do. Help me help myself, help my family, and then help me help others until there are no more needing help.

Tagline: If you find yourself in a worse situation then my family and I are in, consider me appalled on your behalf. If you find yourself in a slightly better situation than my own, I am still appalled on your behalf because people have a long way to go before I look around and go “Hmm, you should be happy with your life as it is.”

Manic Bitch Rant Addition: Now if you are sitting on a comfortable savings account: living in a house filled with things you never touch or look at, surrounded by people you never care enough to truly care about, eating food you never appreciate or recognize its amazing blessing, doing things that make you happy yet never leave you fulfilled – consider me fucking appalled at how shitty you are as a person. Yep – I am appalled that you can have so much and turn a blind eye to the endless suffering going on around you and never find it in yourself to give something real and meaningful to those who have nothing and no one.

To me, you and people like you are truly worthless. You have everything you need, appreciate none of it, and only keep working to keep your “more” while those with the “less than you” portion keep living on less and less. You deserve nothing and you definitely don’t deserve my respect. Not that you would want it considering how worthless I must seem to you, not being able to pay money for all the “bullshit” people in your world demand I pay in order to “live life”.

Some say not to judge others, that’s for them to decide not to judge.

Manic Bitch’s Plea: I am down as low as I can go, begging for help, begging for work, begging for a chance to change my circumstances. When a person can get no lower, you cannot expect her not to judge every last mother fucker keeping her down while pretending to never notice her desperate cries for attention and assistance. Those assholes deserve to be judged and need a giant bitch to call attention to every bullshit move they make. I’m all too willing to play that role. I am also willing to use every God given talent or gift at my disposal to put food on the table.

*Benefits* Definition:

  • “Unemployment Compensation” – for the 23 years worked and never taking a dime to date yet being unceremoniously fired for no reason, shorted on the last pay, and left with no viable income for a family of six that includes a bipolar bitch of a wife, two elementary school children needing much nutrition, a two year old tornado of food consumption, and a newborn breastfeeding addict.
  • “Medicaid” – for the years and years of paying for health insurance but never having the “copay” in cash to afford going to the doctor, or prescriptions that come with every appointment, nor the multiple appointments it takes to properly diagnose and treat any illness.
  • “Food Stamps” – for starving ourselves down to skin and bones in an attempt to provide all the food we could for our children and to fill our pantry with food people actually want to eat rather than the garbage that is donated to food pantries that we no longer have gas money to drive to, let alone the four trips a week it takes to support a family of six on the “food pantry family portion” being handed out.

Conclusion: I have nothing and have no idea how to continue without making my children suffer. So I am turning to the world at large and asking for the good nature of people to win out and send a whirlwind of help that can pull my family out of the slump we find ourselves in. In return, I will pull every last person I find from their slumps and help educate them on how to pull others to safety. My dream is to create a chain reaction of helping that all starts from helping get my family back to stable.

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