On a day when my mind is begging to believe in suicide, wishing beyond hope that I had whatever it takes to end a life by my own hands for my own personal peace, I want to share this with others who might not have the solid resolve to stay their hand when times are dark and life is far too difficult to process.

I can’t see the light right now. Can’t feel the warmth that I so desperately crave. But still I hold strong for the end of the storm.

May others find the strength to do the same. Thank you John for your wonderful words of wisdom. As always, they drive the point home and make carrying on just a little bit easier.

john pavlovitz

guitar hands
Pain in the present can blind you.

It can obscure the future so fully that you’re no longer able to believe anything beautiful is still possible, that joy is ever going to be within reach, that tomorrow is even worth waiting around for.

Suffer long enough and you begin to think the only direction left for you to go—is out.

If you’re there right now; if exiting is all that you can see from where you are, may these words give you breath and pause and rest.

I know that you might be holding on to the very last strand of your rope in these moments; so tired, so completely worn out from this day and all that you’ve carried through it to even think about going on another minute more—but I hope you will.

I know from where you’re standing right now it feels like far too much to ask that you would keep going, but I’m asking you to because…

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