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I often feel most understood by music and art. Whats scary for me and makes differentiating between what’s fantastical imagination, realistic fantasy, and really reality quite difficult is when music and videos tell me the same crazy things I have going in my head.

I feel strongly some “God” event is looming in the near future. For me this involves separating lives into categories of workers and lazies, helpers and hurters, friends and fiends, and worthy and worthless. This reads as a message from an elite group of 10million strong to my manic mind, letting me know that while I missed out on the party, things are still going to be okay.

A mass awakening is upon us. Artists worldwide are positively blossoming with truth, wisdom, creativity, beauty, and expression. The “godly” event that is preparing to occur is using the hearts, minds, and voices of the world’s most beautiful people to shout to world’s end all that we need to know to prepare us for what is to come. Whether you hear it, see it, feel it, or understand it is beside the point, the important factor to my manic mind is that the whole world believes whatever the “IT” is that everyone is supposed to find out for themselves.

“The darkness that you felt, I never meant for you to fix yourself”  “We’ve been here forever and here’s the frozen proof. I could scream forever, we are the poisoned youth.”

“They took away a prophet’s dream for a profit on the street.” “A heart of steel starts to grow.” “All the hurt, all the lies, all the tears that they cried, when the moment is just right, you’ll see fire in their eyes.”

The symbolism and imagery in this video positively ignites my manic spinning while the lyrics and rhythm feed my soul powerful energy and information.

This speaks of the spiritual awakening that is happening within all of us, according to my mania. Where prior lives lead us to believe it will be our actions and our choices that will be held for judgement, this video shows that it is the matters of the heart that God holds dearest and will take us to task to defend.

An appropriate response to the attacks on humanity that are being perpetrated constantly, defended staunchly, questioned vaguely, and never stopped. An interesting video depicting how the spiritual realm guides the tangible through existence.

I AM is THE MAN. That’s as simple as my mania can put it. But “I AM” means something different to everyone and makes GOD different to everyone. Regardless, my mania still tells me I need to get to shouting that I AM is the man and EVERYBODY needs to know it.

An awesome musical video that basically lays out “END TIMES” for all those people interested in a rough layout of what’s to come. Mania not necessary to pick up on the apocalyptic overtones. *warning – this video is an hour long*

An awesome music video laying out what’s coming metaphysically and spiritually for America and those still holding out hope that the American Dream is something worth believing in.