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If you could meet “GOD” anywhere, where would you expect to meet?

I posed this question to my husband. While he couldn’t give me the specifics I was purposefully inquiring about, he did wisely state that he believed God would manifest differently for each person, according to their personal beliefs.

I agreed wholeheartedly. God is different to everyone and in that very difference lies the connection to make him exactly the same to one and all. But I cannot seem to find a way to sanely or inoffensively express that to anyone but myself. And so I further tried to weasel the details from him I was looking for by dropping a few of my own:

“I wouldn’t demand that God had to meet me in any particular place for me to believe it was truly and honestly HIM, but if I had my personal preference I would want to appear in the Garden of Eden.”

Nothing. Still no details.

“For me it would be ideal to appear in the Garden where life, metaphysical, and unknown come together in perfect harmony to create balance, peace, and perfection. To see existence untainted by anything truly is my deepest darkest dream. Bringing that to light by the light of God’s presence would be pretty cool, to say the least…”

Nope. Still couldn’t get him to pick something. So I started prompting.

  • Would you want to go someplace special?
  • Would you want HIM to appear in a certain fashion?
  • Would you want HIM to be someplace real?
  • Would someplace fantastical be easier to process?
  • Would you want to feel anything in particular?

No answers. My manic discussion is rapidly starting to deteriorate into teeth pulling vocal exercises. And so I throw caution to the wind and lay out precisely how I would prefer GOD to appear to me. Because I want my husband to know the level of detail I feel it is essential to be able to accurately and eloquently explain at a moments notice upon the expectation of appearance of “GOD” (or “creation” belief structure). Because I want him to pass the test that I feel strongly is coming soon. Because I feel GOD thinks it is wrong to not be able to detail all parts of the relationship one says to have with the being believed responsible for the creation of the mortal shell, the infinite spirit, and the immortal soul. And while I refuse to tell someone what they should believe, I certainly can annoy the ever-loving HELL out of them until they define for themselves what their TRUE and HONEST beliefs are and where their actual loyalties lie.

“I would enjoy if GOD appeared to me in the present moment, wherever I am at, whatever I am doing, in a way I could see, feel, touch, comprehend, and fathom. It wouldn’t matter the circumstances as long as I knew with every fiber of my being, beliefs, and body that the HIM before me could be no body in existence besides the divine creating aspect that encompasses any and all belief structures.”

“I would love if GOD appeared to me somewhere on Isla Mujeres from when we visited in the past. I believe it would be wildly enjoyable to experience GOD in the location of my happiest memory from life.”

“If GOD were really trying to knock my socks off, HE would manifest in all three locations at once: the perfect destination, the perfect time, and the perfect place, making himself simultaneously appear in all three aspects while making me aware of all three in tandem with HIS presence. Having GOD exist in all areas I deem to be perfection at the same time and perception would truly blow my mind and float my boat while putting the wind behind my sailor’s wings.”

Despite being able to elaborate so clearly how and where I would hope, expect, and dream to meet “GOD”, I was unable to get my husband to leak a single detail of his own preference. It makes me sad that I am unable to discuss something that feels so important to me with the man I feel is so important to living my life happily in any real way. Such a shame.