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Here is what I know about Politics in America:

  • People “vote” to elect representatives to speak on their behalf and for their collective benefit.
  • Representatives voted into office fail to positively promote the ideals and beliefs held by the vast majority of the United States population and neglect to address glaring issues and struggles facing an exponentially increasing percentage of the citizens.
  • People blindly accept “Representatives” who fail to accurately represent their interests.
  • A Government is an entity, similar to an ant colony, with a vested interest in self-preservation.  The same issues are perpetually regurgitated and placed before the public as talking points for campaigns. However, despite more “policy” than you can shake a stick at, nothing ever gets fixed.
    • If there were no problems, we would not need the government.  And they know that.

End story.

Here is what I know about American Political Players:

  • American political systems prefer old, wealthy, white men to take power positions.
  • American government and cohorts will fabricate “old, wealthy, white” personas to attach to pretty faces and reputable names to place “proper” people into positions of power.
  • Governmental officials and interested parties actively cover up any behavior that goes against their “proper persona” to perpetuate the “superior ruler” facade being painted.
  • Political players run in perverse packs and are willing to assassinate (metaphorically, metaphysically, and even literally) characters and lives to prejudicially promote one of their own.
  • “People” entering the political arena are at a distinct disadvantage unless they have vast amounts of wealth to be given the right for others to hear their voice.
  • The underdog doesn’t stand a shot because the overlords won’t allow it.
  • The “People’s Man” has never had the opportunity to represent the “American People”.
  • Old, wealthy, white men fear The People’s Man because he is in touch with the actual needs and actual lives of the vast majority of the population being ruled over.
  • Old, wealthy, white men have fought to keep the lesser down, so the People’s Man wouldn’t rise again.
  • The People’s Man is back on his feet and willing to fight for the right to defend against all that is wrong for the people he positively loves, absolutely reflects, honestly portrays.

End villain introduction.

Here is what I know about The American People:

  • We believe in freedom.
  • We believe in a standard of undeniable and un-revocable human rights.
  • We believe in protecting the innocent, helping the helpless, and providing for all alike.
  • We believe in standing together to present a united front.

End heroic attributes.

Here is what I know about Life in America:

  • People are working hard to keep themselves alive while barely making ends meet.
  • People are impoverished, ignorant, and intelligent and always fiercely loyal to their personal preference of “lavish” lifestyle.
  • People are creating ways to survive in an environment designed for failure.
  • People are actively recognizing the inability of “the government” and associates to provide basic necessities (respect, decency, supplies) to its citizens.
  • People are speaking out against the injustice and falsehoods running rampant in daily life.
  • People are loving watching the government fall apart in front of their eyes, take on the Hollywood drama that’s been fed to the republic for decades, and tear themselves to pieces, showing their true colors in the process.
  • People are showing they want more from the group of people presently in power.
  • People are willing to defend what is theirs, defy what is wrong, and deconstruct all that is unfair.
  • People are coming together in ways that positively promote loving living, valuable values, and happily heartfelt futures.
  • People are demanding more from the life the “American Dream” promised them.

End sad reality summation.

Here is what I believe about America’s Present/Future:

  • We as a people are past the time in history where we need “them” to help “us”.
  • We as a people have evolved past the ideals and platitudes being dealt by ruling minority.
  • We as a people desire more from life than taxes, tyranny, and terror.
  • We as a people have many problems to solve with no clear way to decide who is to blame and therefore can come together in our shared “inability to properly place blame” as a common meeting ground from which to solve real issues without fight.
  • We as a people have the ability to stop big money bullies by revoking their right to tell us how “they” want “us” to live by spending our dollars where it truly matters and honestly helps and not where “they” count on it coming from.
  • We as a people have the competency to solve issues on a street by street level which is hands down better than generic policies and patronizing protocols passed down from archaic systems that are out of touch with the reality of living life “on the streets”.
  • We as a people are actively being manipulated and controlled by a “ruling elite” and are unable to break the cycle due to our inability to come together in a meaningful and productive communal effort.
  • We as a people have the working knowledge, the natural inclination, and the forced motivation to overthrow unfair/unjust/unfathomable laws, practices, systems, organizations, industries, and people.
  • We as a people have the desire to make life better for others but have yet to find a clear-cut path forward that allows all to be happy without sacrificing one thing for another.
  • We as a people have reason to fear “them” as long as we, the people, stand as individuals, each fighting “our” own fights, with no connections, concentrated efforts, or joint missions.

End state of affairs.

Here is what I believe America Needs Most:

  • A public and brutal airing out of all the dirty laundry kept behind closed doors and secret walls in the “American Political Arena” and “Corporate Comrades Coalition” and “Charitable Contribution Conspirators”.
  • A thoroughly-deep cleansing of all laws and regulations, practices and protocols, and positions of power that are granted power over people.
  • A detailed review of past efforts made towards problems currently facing the American public.
  • A transparent “system” to obtain a realistic intake of the citizens “current concerns” to be filtered into manageable “buckets” to be addressed regularly, repeatedly, and routinely.
  • A concentrated effort to seek out the root of our problems, obtain the pattern the problems branched off into, and solve for the solution rather than bandaging the boo-boo to feel better “here and now”.

End personal political platform.

Here is what I believe are American’s Pertinent Questions:

  • What lifestyle would I choose to lead if all things were equal?
  • Where does my life fall short of my desired lifestyle?
  • What areas of my life require assistance from someone other than myself?
  • Who all is involved with direct contributions to my desired lifestyle?
  • How do I value the contributions made and contributors involved?
  • What are indirect contributions made on my behalf?
  • What does my regular routine reflect about my life?
  • Where am I spending my time during the day?
  • Where would I prefer to spend my time during the day?
  • What would I prefer to spend my time doing?
  • How often do I spend my time positively appreciating life?
  • What areas cause me to negatively perceive the world around me?
  • How much time do I spend processing these negative issues?
  • What factors contribute to these negative issues?
  • What can I positively eliminate and passively promote to combat the negativity?
  • What do I believe is “right” for me?
  • What do I believe is “right” for others?
  • Where do I believe “right” converges for me and for others?
  • What areas run parallel to providing for me and also providing for others?
  • What areas would I prefer to contribute for the benefit of others?

End political patriot polling.

Here is what I believe are America’s Critical Issues:

  • Government “Approved” Invasive Policies and Overreaching Power
  • Corporate/Institutional Greed and Dishonesty
  • Family Life and Personal Health
  • Community Services and Public Resources
  • Advantageous Education and Employment Opportunity

End personal recommendations for concentration.

Now that we have cleared up exactly what I feel on the matter of “politics”, can you tell me exactly what the people representing YOU feel on the matter?

If the answer involves anything more than a simple YES, than the answer is very clearly NO. Know your representatives before you allow them to decide what is “right” by you. Know what is “right” for you before you elect someone to make that choice for you.

Know all that you need to know because you can bet “they” will greedily take advantage of absolutely anything you don’t.