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Ten years ago today Mother Earth was dealt a massive blow to her most prized possession. Fear and panic was struck into the hearts of one and all in a series of explosions that broke us down into little children, too scared to stand up to the big scary monsters, too ignorant to come together under a united front, and too weak to stop a bully from taking everything we know and love and twisting it into a morbid affair where pain and suffering are perpetuated to keep those with more receiving their unjust dues and those not lucky enough to be counted as part of the “in” crowd paying overly inflated and irrationally unfair wages for the right to live. On that fateful day, when the Heart of America was bombed, Mother Earth died 2,977 times all at once and it was enough to break her fragile resolve to protect and shield the crooks and criminals from the problems they refused to accept were real. Shit got real when the shitstorm took aim at the Big Apple.

Ten years later, life has only declined for those not considered part of the “in” crowd. Despite promises of protection against terrorism, the world at large has only seen a drastic and unapologetic increase in the terrifying tyranny of the world’s “elitely powerful”, a remarkable decline in the concern and consideration for basic human rights, while the blame for those “down and out” is shuffled onto people with addictions, mental illnesses, and the inability to cope with the “real world” with no real solutions or initiatives to end problems for good. Propaganda and lies are spread through the “elitely” owned news, governments, and world scale entertainment industries, feeding the weak-minded sheep all the excuses, justifications, and drama necessary to distract them from ever realizing the whole “us versus them” war that is constantly churning is nothing more than an insidious ruse by the 1% minority to separate and sever ties between the unity that naturally exists between the 99% majority. “They” actively tell “us” how those “wrong” people act and then ungraciously paint a picture of the people we should “hate” while drawing up a portrait that looks nothing like the reality of the situation. Meanwhile, the “us” they are telling us to hate is actually a disgustingly realistic description of the “them” behind the scenes inciting war, disparity, famine, and separation.

What will it take for the majority to finally stand up to the scumbag minority? How many innocent lives have to be spent for the world to come together and DEMAND a stop to the violence and injustice that plagues this wretched reality? 2,977 died on 9/11 in America alone. Add 19 if you care to count the hijackers who willingly gave their lives for murder and mayhem. How many American lives have been lost since then “fighting for the cause”? Soldiers, hostages, civilians – where’s our stats on those? How many lives in others countries supporting our “right to fight” have been lost? While you’re pondering that question, how many lives have been lost in other countries “accused” of being the bad guys while the “good guys” bomb the living hell out of dangerous, innocent, and inanimate objects with reckless disregard and furious intent on damaging anything and everything in “the way”? How many people (innocent and guilty alike) have paid the price for terrorism with their life, despite never being told why the illusive “terror” never goes away and is always reborn under some new war propaganda?

Think: War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism – a ‘war’ on anything is just “them” funneling good people into hellish living conditions so they can realistically broadcast just how “bad” it gets for people who fail to fall in line with the “elite” view on how life should be.

Despite having an entire decade to wake up and smell the bullshit that is being served the masses, here we go getting ready to continue the same schenanigans albeit in a considerably crueler, disgustingly devious, intentionally misleading, and overtly obtuse regard for human life. And so I find myself with a laundry list of questions I would like answered before I would ever consider voting into a leadership position ANY of the world’s current power position players. One thousand words or less per question, with as much specific examples as can be concisely fit in, minus any bullshit percentages manipulated to make things appear different than they truly are, with the addition of how “they” “helped” “better” the situation if they have any actual evidence of beneficial initiatives and results.

  1. What is terrorism and how is it eliminated?
  2. What is the difference between domestic and foreign terrorism?
  3. How is committing crimes against humanity on a global level (country versus country, institution versus organization, “us” versus “them”) any different than a single man killing another solitary man?
  4. On what grounds/justifications are billions of dollars being spent on the manufacturing, supply, and maintenance of weapons, ammunition, and war “gear” and “accessories” when people are actively dying from lack of food and adequate housing?
  5. When does homelessness, starvation, and famine outweigh the costs of war in specific regards to cutting spending on defense and increasing positive initiatives for the poorly impoverished?
  6. How many people coming together does it take to officially demonstrate the level of dissatisfaction the “ruled over” have with those issuing “the rules” without being worried about accusations of terrorism or being blacklisted as “enemies of the state”?
  7. What efforts are in place to give voices to the people losing family members in the fight for terrorism, to the actual victims of real and provable terrorism, and to those who have ideas to put a stop to the violence who are not presently presiding from their own positions of power?
  8. Aside from “gorilla” warfare, what actions and initiatives have been taken to stop terrorism?
  9. What is the theory behind terrorism resolution?
  10. What is the timeframe currently being estimated before the mass public can expect to see relief from terroristic ventures, terrifying wars, and terrible justifications for murder and retaliation?

It is time we stop expecting these “people” in charge to give us the truth behind their dirty dealings and instead demanding honest answers and actual proof BEFORE we allow them to enact their dangerous and dictatorish rules and stigmas for us to bow down before. You can’t complain you don’t like the state of the world when you fail to take the simple responsibility of not electing trash and filth into positions to preside over the true treasures and wealth of the world.

Stop turning a blind eye.