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B.S. has multiple meanings to me – however the two I’m using today are the very obvious BULLSHIT and the personal personification of all “man’s” bullshit in my life, my husband’s “cousin” Brandon Salster. Yeah, I’m using real names because that asshole (and people like him) needs attention called to his misdeeds, misappropriation of justice, and mistreatment of good, hardworking people. Considering his name is public record due to his numerous crimes, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for telling the truth about assholes like him and how they thwart good, honest people from helping other good and honest folks who TRULY need help.

The post that specifically details why Brandon Salster is a douchebag will be typed up later tonight and posted sometime tomorrow, hopefully in the early am. This post is going to define all the BULLSHIT I have learned having to live in close proximity to such a blackhole of filth and disgusting behavior and provide my tips on how LAZY LOSERS operate so you might be better equipped to spot a loser from a honestly humbled beggar in need of a benificial helping hand.

If you want to bypass 350 words please skip down to the first bolded statement. Know the bolded statement “could be” misleading if you don’t read the next section, but should pretty much get you started in the right direction if you’re short on reading time or don’t really care to hear me pontificate on how I feel honest and truthful and cosmically just in my definition and description of a LAZY LOSER.

Begin Pontification now:

I find it difficult to believe that most people aren’t aware of how bad the world is, if not for themselves, at least for some others out there. Believing wholeheartedly that so many people are aware that a problem exists and yet feeling no forward momentum towards solving those issues is unacceptable in my mind. While I find it appalling, I recognize that the possibility exists that people WANT to help, they just aren’t sure how to go about it in the right way or feel they would be doing anything worthwhile or giving their resources to a worthy recipient. All kinds of people, doing all kinds of things, all in the name of “kindness” can lead to a lot of confusion, epic levels of mistrust, and tons of bullcrap for good people to sort through so they have a chance at truly doing a “good” deed. In order for things to get better, we have to start helping. It appears that before people are willing to start helping, they need a little clarification or advance warning on how to spot someone truly in need of help over someone who truly takes advantage of the kindness and generosity of others.

I think I can help clear-ify the muddy waters so people can get on with doing the right thing without fear they are enabling a lazy loser or wasting their time, energy, and resources on a cause that isn’t just and right. I have been on the beggar side and have harbored feelings of resentment and resistance that explain very aptly the side of the Lazy Losers. Currently in the Beggar part of my path to freedom, I have dealt with some lazy lenders and found some Genuine Givers while being screwed over by countless lazy losers every step of the way, finally putting the pieces together so I know, inside and out, the universal truth on giving for charity and losing to losers and precisely HOW lazy loser run their scam.

…. Maybe a tad too egotistical there – I “feel insanely strongly that I have been given direct information from an outside source that I cannot put a name, face, or origin to outside of saying “It wasn’t me” that feels like nothing short of an absolute command to express without mincing words, details, or agendas that makes me crazy to keep in, relieved to get out, hopeful to share, excited to examine, and free to freely admit” (insert whatever word properly summarizes the prior definition of universal truth as it pertains to me [I would shorten it to “know” but that feels like an understatement to my mind])…. starting over….

I know I have a good idea/bead on what it takes to honestly give generously and to truly-only beg for what is necessary so we may leave the losers to fight over all the bullshit/garbage that only matters to their pathetic lifestyles and poor standards and unimaginable egos. This helps me clearly identify lazy losers and they drain they pose to society.

Personal History of Dealing with Losers:

I feel like raging at the Losers for a little bit because it has been festering inside me since I came to be frequented by a certain presence in my life. Currently my husband is saddled with a Beggar (me) and a Lazy Loser to Support all by his lonesome, with a ‘meager not modest’ income, laden with endless motivation to do what is right, while crippled by the desire to help those “worse off”. In our world this reads to Lazy Losers as “NICE GUY READY TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AT WILL”. And so they do. Unfortunately the Loser my husband provides for demands a third of our lifestyle as “his share” while not working to support himself, not caring for his family, not cleaning up after himself, not helping others helping him, and actively making it harder for the people working for a living to get by. Based on my experiences with this worth-less-than-nothing (which seems impossible but he brings it to cold hard reality) I have come to the following conclusions:

Trending Behavior and Assumed beliefs/justifications of Lazy Losers:

  • They appear to expect everything to be handed to them while tauting themselves as superior in intelligence yet simultaneously being unable to explain why they cannot hold a job, cannot support their family, cannot care for their children, and cannot care to be considerate of the burden being placed on others to support their unproductive and unimproving lifestyle.
  • Their general stance on life appears to be “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours should be mine if I “think” I should have it.”
  • Once they feel they have secured stability in leeching off another’s efforts and resources, they have the audacity to “think” they have the right to “share” their host’s “goods” with other losers while attempting to pass off their exponential leeching as their “own” charitable nature. This appears to further fuel the inner voice telling them they are in fact “good people” and “worthy” of “more” than others with “less” the effort yet “triple” the reward.
  • They become belligerent, aggressive, and volatile when approached about their inaccuracies, indiscretions, and indecencies.
  • They are well versed in using love and guilt, pressure and pain, lies and halftruths, intimidation, insinuation illegality, and outright ignorance of reality to achieve whatever they desire.
  • There appears to be no end to the means they will take to achieve their desires
  • They appear unable to think outside of the “what I want” box and process “how I affect others” in any real way.
  • They appear to ‘default’ to the belief (reason behind their faulty logic) that everyone thinks they are a good person and deserving of help.
  • They appear to be unable to count for themselves how often they have drawn from the “I am a victim and need your saving” pool of excuses and guilt trips.

Losers are parasites of society. I like to think of them as head lice. They get inside your head, make you feel do things you don’t like (like scratching an itch until it bleeds or picking off scabs because they itch or in my mind – giving help to a lazy loser that is never grateful for what was given but instead always reaching out another hand to ask for more. Before we can start teaching people how to give properly, we need to inform them how to give intelligently while taking insane pleasure in giving the lazy losers absolutely nothing and laughing in their faces when they get their “due course”.

Stay tuned for more on how one man causes so much rage and fury in a peaceful, utopia promoting person.