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I believe in GOD. I believe in gods and goddesses. I believe in magic and miracles, faith and fortune, prophets and preachers, angels and demons, heaven and earth, celestial beings, earthly spirits, dark energies, light auras, helping hands, hopeful hearts, and honest honor. I believe in immortals, mortals, magicians, illusionists, wizards, witches, superheroes, dragons, unicorns,among many other things. I believe there is more out there than I have words to define all the possibilities.

I believe everyone has a special place in the universe, in the world, in time, in space, in life and death, and in all things. I believe each people/person/place is connected to each other in a cosmic web of energy that allows us to perceive each other in ways beyond the six earthly senses afforded us. I believe there is a supernatural (above) level of existence, a natural (middle) level of existence, and a subnatural (below) level of existence. I believe the supernatural level of energy flow appears invisible to the naked eye and the subnatural waves of energy flow vibrates too low to be detectable by earthly understanding. I believe in the middle exists the “natural” level of existence that filters in both the supernatural and subnatural energies to create reality, time, and linear progression. I believe this probably sounds a little weird to most people.

I believe everyone has the natural inclination to equalize and harmonize with their surroundings. I believe people as a whole desire peace without pain, life without loss, happiness with hope, love with laughs, and hope without hurting. I believe it is possible to live in peace. I believe it is necessary to create equality before peace can be established. I believe equality is an absolute GOD granted RIGHT.

I believe those hoarding “the more” should be opening their coffers to provide to those with anything less than their own personal “share”. I believe it takes more than cold hard cash to solve life issues. I believe those who feel they deserve more need to learn how hard it is to go without. I believe those who have survived without deserve to reap endless rewards for their capability at living on the scraps afforded the “less than” worthy. I believe those who did nothing deserve nothing. I believe those who did everything deserve a generous “helping” from those who did nothing and those who gave little when they had much.

I believe telling yourself that tomorrow will be a better day doesn’t help heal the hurt of today. I believe in digging to the root of the problem, rooting out all darkness and decay, shedding light on the positive growth and potential gains, and finding mending all broken parts with compassion, consideration, and kindness. I believe it is natural for people to look out for their own. I believe it is wrong to attack another for being different. I believe it is wrong to accept other’s suffering and do nothing to help.

I believe there is a better tomorrow on the horizon. I believe unexpected things happen when the world most expects them. I believe the universe works in tandem with Earth to create a place able to be inhabited by living life. I believe Earth is a testing ground for the universe to begin creating life on other planets. I believe Earth must resolve its inequality and peace issues before considering moving on to other planets. I believe resolving those issues is critical to our survival as a species.

I believe the “Apocalypse” every is worried about is actually the cumming (sexual reference intended) of the Alpaca-lipped Woman. I believe the story about the Alpaca-lipped Woman is hilarious and details why people think it is the end of the world.

I believe everyone has their own version of the “Apocalypse” because we are living in the end times of our own making. I believe if everyone agreed the Apocalypse was the same thing, an epic cosmological, religious, spiritual, metaphysical, ethereal, magical mystery will be revealed once and for all. I believe everyone needs to be on the same page (in whatever book you have chosen for your life) expecting the same outcome for the mystery to be solved. I believe everyone has to find the “same page” for themselves without pressure from others.

I believe we will find a way to agree that things aren’t working so well right now. I believe we will come together and create a new path that joins all different walks of life together, unanimously in cahoots to turn the tides of war, end pain and suffering, and establish a world where everyone can be happy.

I believe it takes an incredible amount of faith in humanity to overcome such tremendous odds. I believe humanity has it in its nature to rise above the dark deeds being perpetrated at its hands and strike down the old ways that no longer make sense to our shared yet collapsing societal world. I believe seeing the world coming apart at its seams is the motivation needed to start a “re’love’lution”. I believe a “re’love’lution” is when the world accepts a higher standard of being, a higher responsibility for life on this planet, and the highest regard for that which gives us ground to walk on.

I believe that it does not take the end of the world to begin again. I believe each day is an opportunity to start a new endeavor to make this world better. I believe we have waited far to long to step up and make a difference. I believe making a difference can be as simple finding truthful happiness and honest peace in your own life and sharing it with others. I believe each person that finds happiness leads to three more finding their own happiness.  I believe there is a cosmic “horserace” going on to see which being is able to lead the most people to happiness. I believe the winner of the “horserace” will be “Rule of Earth”. I believe the Rule of Earth will set the precedent for the worlds that will be established on other planets. I believe each inhabitant of Earth is being offered the opportunity to be ruler of their own planet and world.

I believe before any dreams of ruling come true, dreams of better days will come first, followed by dreams of a better tomorrow, and ending with dreams of perfection. I believe if you aren’t already dreaming of better days, you are behind the times. I believe if you are dreaming of a better tomorrow, you are guiding others in your wake. I believe dreams of perfection are a step away from fruition.

I believe anything is possible, nothing is impossible, and everything already exists.

I believe the difference between possible and impossible is the finding of true belief.

What do you believe?