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I prefer to elaborate on my details and coat them lovingly with insanely specific descriptions and weirdly accented, punctuated, and alliterated phrases. This usually amounts to very wordy, seemingly nonsensical, but always purposeful posts that likely lack mass media appeal due to their length, craziness, and weirdability (my “x” factor that rubs people differently depending on who they are). I know I can’t please everyone but I can attempt to make it appear as though I’m coddling the sensitive, coaxing the obstinate, coaching the players, complimenting the winners, condemning the guilty, convicting the hopeless, commanding the faithful, catching the liars, comforting the fallen, and cheering and chastising for those without a voice – all with a few tiny modifications to my posts that might even be more convenient for me in the future, so each reader can choose what they want out of what I write. What that teaches me is: My words mean different things for different people.

Which is nice considering I never know how people will read my posts or which message they will take to heart. Rather than drive myself crazy trying to imagine all the different ways another might interpret what I have to say, I am going to assume that anyone reading my post is NOT going to hear exactly what I meant to send and instead assume they will find exactly what they need to find, precisely when they are meant to find it, and in whatever phrase or manner speaks loudest. I rest assured when I finally spill my guts, the right messages will get to the right people and the wrong words will find their way to the wrong people so every reader has their proper right and wrong and I am comforted knowing I did my part to spread my” truth, as I was always supposed to doI hope my truth guides you to finding your own personal truth.

I’m still going to be wordy – it is just who I am and what I’m about, but I thought I’d throw in concise wordbullet-points for my “short on time to read” readers in an effort to find a middleground that works for everyone.

Bolded sentences summarize without details. And will be entirely misleading if you try to use ONLY them to understand my message.

Italics highlight the beginning of something I feel is important within the post. But only the beginning, read/think on to catch my true drift.

Bolded Italics are because I want to make you think. So do it before taking offense.

Regular thickness and fully upright is just plain old me, laying all I have to say, just as I believe it, with hidden positive and enlightening meanings and clues thrown in for the interested, cold condescension and calculated barbs for those who fail to promote the standards of loving acceptance, public peace, and helpful hands, and my usual dose of manic insanity to keep everyone on their toes in a world that promotes taking it easy as much as possible, which all too often leads to epic mindlessness and awful ignorance, giving the “powerful” the ability to manipulate those not currently holding powerful cards in their hands to those honestly and truly not worthy of controlling themselves, let alone others.

All together, everything is exactly what I’m feeling, described as honestly and accurately as possible, with my only motivation being to connect positively with others so I might establish a network of connections to my lonely soul, hopefully one day building a bridge for humanity to crossover into peace and kinship. And in my mind’s eye, perfect utopia, perfect for everyone, because everyone will carve out their own little piece of perfection, in their own time, by their own right, at their own pace, and over their own

High standards, higher expectations, highest hopes . . . No wonder I enjoy getting “high” over staying grounded and down to earth – which also explains why marijuana is so helpful to me, allowing me to open my mind and understanding while keeping me firmly planted to the ground from which my “high” stems from.

Now that I have transitioned from understandable explanation of my intentions to the airy, flighty, wispy ramblings of my mania I will wrap up the post with these last few items.

  • Manic quote to explain the epic level of nonsense and gibberish I am attempting to translate into something relatable and comprehensible:

Who I AM, calls to be more than what is, while expanding on what was, to come to what will be, all so you can use “what” to get to know the “who” behind “you”. Clue for the clueless: Person, Past, Present, Future, Why.

  • Manic expression in triplicate, feels as though it describes my personality, my purpose, and my passion that come together to define my flavor/quest/zest for life.

I like to spin my mystery. I like to play with my words. I like to confuse my enemies.

I hope to intrigue the interested. I hope to “intelligencify” the ignorant. I hope to inspire the hopeless.

I dream of seducing for wealth. I dream of prophesizing about health. I dream of guiding forward gains.

I love lovers. I love believers. I love followers.

I desire peace. I desire hope. I desire freedom.

I know who I am. I know how to be. I know what feels right.

I reach for the stars. I unlock the golden gates. I lead the proper path.

I help out those with less. I helpout those in the middle. I help “out” those with more.

I give of myself endlessly. I give of my “self”, honestly. I give of my-self-truthfullness.

  • Manic planning for my next post should I get to sit down and write again this weekend

Wrapping up the first “work” week of my new life:

Monday was the last day of summer.

Tuesday was the first day of school.

Wednesday brought hopeful flashes of light.

Thursday sent home two girls with bugs.

Friday reinforced with hard work comes reward.

Saturday feels fresh.

Sunday looks promising.

Monday sounds like Justice and Finales.

Well that’s all for now. Later lovers!