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I want to share this on my blog because it perfectly describes the beautiful cycle that is life and death, keeps it short and sweet without glossing over the truth, and accurately portrays the peacefulness that exists when transitioning from one part of the great cycle to the next. I always wish to explain myself this clearly but I feel better knowing there are people out there better at getting the message out than I am because regardless of who voices the words, the truth is now out there for people to perceive, minds to mull over, and hearts to hear.

I’m so thankful to have found this truthful post about the eternal cycle.

Confessions of a Spirit Messenger

For a long time now, Spirit has been guiding me to speak to people  about Death.  I’ve been meditating and blending with their energy as much as I can so I can find a way to pass on this message.  Here it is.

When we are born, we are in a dark place, waiting to emerge into the arms of people who are here waiting for us.  We arrive vulnerable and must trust that we are in the good hands of people who will care for us.  Loved ones gather to greet you.  People fuss to make sure we are comfortable.   There is so much joy surrounding you as you welcomed by the new world around us.

When we are born, those who make up our Soul Family in Heaven send us off with Love, wish us well, and promise to keep watch over us while we are in…

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