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Interesting line of thinking came to me today stemming from two questions popping simultaneously into my head:

What color does red turn when it is super hot?

What color does violet turn when it burns bright?

In my mind we are failing to properly understand what color and time really is which is keeping us from wonderful things like time travel and spontaneous creation.

It starts with our limited definition of what the “color wheel” truly is and how it filters/limits our perception of reality and the universe as a whole.

There are the exact same number of “shades” of black and white (grey) as there are colors in the “rainbow spectrum” that filters Red down to Violet. But it doesn’t end there. Violet deepens down to black and red flares up to white. Black and White pepper themselves together to complete the “circle-cycle” that is the true and complete “color wheel”.

More than that, the color wheel is more akin to a color sphere (three dimensional as opposed to a simple one dimensional circle with spokes) with the upper dome consisting of all of the colors existing when blending the colors red through violet. The lower sphere, in direct and sympathetic opposition, consists of the sames color as “shades of grey”. The line existing between “colors/hues” and “the shaded side” is quite literally where “time stands still” and creates a timeline of all history. Without knowing every shade AND color, time is unable to be manipulated/understood.

Our current understanding is only looking at the outside arc-line of the sphere of colors side of the equation when we need to pull ourselves WAY back to see the whole sphere.

I will try to elaborate on this more when I am not quite so manic and insanely unintelligible to most people.