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If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. 

And so I do my best to adhere to that rule of living peacefully. But Grandma never clarified her stance on making your point known via nonverbal communication to people who are in desperate need of a rude awakening. Since she didn’t elaborate there, I have taken some creative liberties with telling my truths without saying a single thing. 


Sometimes people need a dose of reality. Sometimes its a bitter pill to swallow. And sometimes words are inappropriate for young readers.

So I have this roommate who is pushing me over the manic edge. I can’t say anything to him about how his behavior and lifestyle affects me because he is a rude, inconsiderate, egotistical, and entitled person. It makes it hard to have a conversation with a person who is ready to start yelling the moment he gets the slightest whiff of something he considers offensive.

Instead, every time he comes out of his room, he has the chance to see I have clearly plastered the universal truths I believe (apply to him) and decide if those truths apply to who he is choosing to be and how he is choosing to live life. Even better, my truths will be staring him right smack in the face every time he chooses to knock on my closed door (an obvious sign I want to be left alone) and actively chooses to interrupt my sanctuary where I try to regain my sanity. 

He may never read them. He may never choose to accept I’m speaking bluntly about him. Or he may take them to heart. Regardless at least I know I did my best to let him know how he is affecting my ability to get well. I rest better knowing I put the truth out there. 

If he chooses to ignore a black and white life lesson staring him in the face, that’s on him. You can’t lead an ignorant fool to wisdom if he doesn’t first learn to see what is “right” in front of his face. 

Another cold hard truth, I make passive agressive look easy, bite hard, and sink her teeth in deep before you ever knew what came out to bite you in the ass. Don’t provoke my passive aggressive nature with your inconsiderate and offensive bullshit and we can all live peacefully alongside one another. Just don’t be surprised when my peaceful side turns bitchy the moment you stop playing nice because my manic side is a caged beast waiting to tear you to shreds for every wrong you ever committed. She’s trained to pounce the moment you actively choose to hurt and negatively affect my life and not a moment before. And she always goes for the jugular. Consider this fair warning should you think I’m fair game because of my generous nature, bleeding heart, and gracious soul. A caged animal is not one to be provoked and I have two lions roaring their fury in my spirit.