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A lot has changed. In a place where I want everything to be representative of who I am, I feel as though Exploring Alura is way behind the times. I have been focused on defining who I am, how I can live this life without regret, and how to control the unstable parts of what it means to be me. This takes so much time and effort that I have found little desire to come and rewrite everything I have learned. So I haven’t.

It’s showing. So I have determined I need to sit down and go through my blog. I am finally at a comfortable point in my recovery where I am able to bring my blog in alignment with who I am without leaving my family to pay the consequence of my split focus. I am starting at the beginning of my journey. I don’t want to let go of the past, which helped shape and guide me to the present, but rather find a way to make it more accessible to people who want to follow along in my journey.

With that in mind, I hit my draft section and reviewed my posts for anything not sane enough to share with the public. After clearing out my posts that I did not find any value in I am left with 182 public posts, 18 private (manic) posts, and 20 drafts I feel comfortable picking up should I get the urge to write but cannot decide what to write about. The next part of the process is going through and reviewing the public posts currently out there. I am going to be editing them for errors, correcting unclear commentary, and prettifying my prose. In addition I will be creating an excerpt, categorizing content properly, and retagging the post in tandem with the new category. With 182 posts to dig into, I am separating the task into thirteen new posts each containing fourteen of my public posts. With twenty days left in the month, I feel completing this by September is an achievable albeit aggressive goal for myself. Should something come up, I am allowing myself an additional ten day buffer in September to finish anything I did not get to.

Once I have everything updated and categorized, I will be starting on the visual aspects of the site and developing a posting schedule for myself to add a little structure to my process. And as of right now, that is all the gameplan I have for Exploring Alura, to be updated and revised at the end of August or beginning or September.

The new categories I will be separating my posts into are:

AAA – All About Alura

Alura is the dreamer part of me that dreams of being “A-rula (a ruler…lol). I am going to use this section to detail how I envision utopia, unique traits I find about myself, expressing cosmic/universal truths that pop into mind, ideas I have for happiness, and any other random musings that feel supernatural in nature but magically mundane in reality. I want people to know who I believe I am, who I dream of becoming, who I strive to be each day, and who I end up being in reality.

BBB – Beautifully Battling Bipolarity

A bipolar diagnosis means a new way of life – for the patient, the family, friends, and community surrounding that person. I think I have a knack for navigating the tides of emotion and waves of expression that come with bipolarity. I am quickly establishing basic routines and structures that allow me the flexibility to be myself while allowing for constant change and fluidity to adjust to my ever changing moods and attitudes. This section will be used for relating to those fighting the same uphill battle that is being bipolar.

CCC – Creative Chaos Corner

I love to create love. The easiest way for me to channel this desire into productive outlets is using my creativity and inspiring others to do the same. My creative chaos corner will be used to showcase my latest drawings and paintings, illustrate methods I use to stimulate my family’s imagination, products and pieces I have “made new” to sell in hopes of supporting my family with my passion, ideas I have for making the world prettier, and any other post I have in mind that promotes the ideal of using artistic expression to spread love, peace, and happiness to others.

DDD – Defining Dubious Definitions

My manic side takes serious issue with society and their sucky standards. Some words are okay sometimes, sometimes words are off limits all the time – depends on the time of day and the type of person you talk to. Emotions can’t be extremely expressed or directly displayed without fear of judgement. And there is always the overwhelming pressure to “fall in line” with the main stream of “going with the flow”. I am not the type to follow the beaten path just because someone did it first. And I certainly do not accept things as they are because I can see very clearly how wrong things are actually in reality. I am using this section to define, describe, and detail problems I see, issues I take, and resolutions to the everyday bullshit that exponentially increases the cost of living a happy life.

EEE – Excellent Education Examples

Every part of me believes that our children are the future and the reason for our failing as a society is our archaic practices of training children to become adults. I see children in a different light and value their contribution to the world differently than most. Where some would dictate rules and laws to live by, I seek an education where a child naturally investigates and advances skills and traits that comes naturally to them without the pressure of having the same general knowledge as “everyone else”. To my knowledge, there is no current system or structure that allows for individual growth, communal prioritization, and real world effectiveness and so I seek to share my ideas and thoughts on how we can save our children by teaching them what they NEED to know versus what we “think” they should learn.

FFF – Family First Fundamentals

I believe the structure of society began to crumble when people decided that it was a man’s role to work outside of the home and away from the family in order to “provide” for them. It has been a long time since that decision was made and the cost has been catastrophic. So much information, knowledge, and wisdom has been lost to the ages because these days, no one is home enough to learn it, let alone pass it on to the next generation. My struggles have taught me lessons that I feel I should have come across long ago. I don’t want other children to have to learn the hard way and so I strive to share my opinions on how to make a family unit flow together without making life difficult in the process.