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Children should be encouraged to vent their imagination and do so publicly so as not to become afraid of sharing their hopes and dreams to the world at large. I sat down with my oldest, Patience and let her tell me a story. When she would come to a stopping point, not sure where to go, I would ask a question about how the character felt or what was an event that could take place. Oh how she just flowed with imagination and story. The minds of children are amazing. I wish I were able to spend more time enjoying their free flowing ideas and appreciate their innocent view of the world. Today I will just take an hour loving hearing my daughter dictate her words while I enthusiastically type her dreams secretly hoping someday this story will come to life. Now enough of my grownup words taking away from the main point of the whole post.

The Mermaid Friend – written by Patience Kenimond (7 years)

Once upon a time, a girl named Allison was going to the ocean and she thought she found something in the water. It seemed like it looked like a very large tail. Alice felt curious when she saw the tail in the water. She wanted to find out what that was. So she quickly took off her shoes and dove in the water. When she dove in the water, she felt amazed to see a mermaid staring back at her. The mermaid went to the surface with Allison. The mermaid and Allison started talking.

Allison said I did not know that mermaids were real. The mermaid said that I did not want you to see me. Mermaids try to stay away from humans because sometimes they try to capture them to sell for lots and lots of money. Why did you swim to shore where humans might see you? The mermaid answered that there were bad guys trying to capture me. Allison gasped and said Oh no! Why would the bad guys be after you?  The mermaid smiled and said that one of the bad guys wanted to marry me because I am the princess of a very healthy kingdom and he wanted to take over the kingdom as king.

The mermaid told Allison that when she was a little merbaby her mother told her some day she would grow to have a very special magic power. Sadly, the mermaids mother died before she could teach her daughter her very special ability or even tell her what she was going to become. Many years later the mermaid found out that the bad men had been watching her family for a long time waiting until the right time to steal the princess baby away. For the bad guys had heard a tale of a powerful daughter rising to unite the kingdom of mermaids and the kingdom of humans and they wanted to stop such a thing from happening.

In the middle of the mermaids story, Allison heard someone coming down the beach. She told the mermaid Hide quick! Under water, quickly!!! So they don’t see you. Moments after the mermaid disappeared from view, Allison’s dad came around the corner and asked her why she wasn’t home eating dinner. Allison quickly said I am going to be there soon. I am having a fun time skipping rocks and I will be there in a half an hour. Allison’s dad smiled and said please don’t stay too long, dinner is almost on the table. Zip up your jacket so you don’t catch a cold. And with that he turned and headed back to their home.

After one minute later the mermaid came back up. Allison smiled when she saw her and said I’m so glad you came back. What is your name? The mermaid said My name is Alleka. That is a beautiful name said Allison. Thank you and thank you for warning me about your dad. I was hoping we could spend some time together. I have never been able to spend time with a human. My dad I can’t spend time with humans because the capture us. We don’t want to have anymore merbabies born because the bad guys tried to capture me to marry to the bad prince to become the new king and queen.

To be continued….