I love this post. I love how some people can find a way to say exactly what I’m feeling and struggling through in my real life relationships and craft it in such a way that it appears not at all offensive to the ones being offensive while soothing the offended where it hurts.

Thank you again to the wonderful community of bloggers who do so much better at explaining and understanding my issues then I am sometimes capable of doing myself. This is the true reason of why communities exist. To help others who didn’t even know how to voice the help they need.

Thank you to the cosmos for connecting me invisibly to yet another beautifully open and caring yet brutally honest mind for the words I couldn’t find in myself to say.

Thank you Angry Pumpkin for lessening the load of work my mind had to do to sift through my darkest parts and deepest thoughts and convert them to something understandable and relatable.

Angry Pumpkin Out Of Control

Opinion of the day:

I have much aggression to let out right now and am choosing to opinionate on this rather than anything that may get me in trouble in other ways and please feel free to opinionate on my opinion.
I have been reading a few different posts across the old book of faces here and am not so opinionated about the actual causes but rather on the responses I have seen after. I am friends with people from all walks of life and I care about each of them on their own individual merit. I have had to cut ties and I have had to try to reconnect broken/ bent bonds. I have had to learn through mistakes and sometimes years of opinion forming whether someone/thing was right or wrong for me. I have NEVER given up on someone simply because another person said I should. I think…

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