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Interestingly I always related most to Jasmine as a child though I never cared for how little of a role she played in her own fairytale, let alone that it was named after some shmuck who selfishly uses his wishes to make his dreams come true rather than doing true good for others with the unlimited potential of a wish. 

So I’m reimagining her story, rearranging her characters, and redefining what it means to be a “diamond in the rough” and a Princess in need of “saving”.  

I’m starring as Jasmine though I have hints and themes of Ariel, Snow White, Belle, the Evil Queen reborn, Aphrodite, Cleopatra, The Virgin Mary, and enveloping the concepts of love, light, and luck. This story could blow your mind.

Genie is played by God. 

The Landscape is America as it should stand for. “Home of the Free” “Land of the Brave” “The New World” and is currently in the midst of a peaceful takeover by the magical community. 

The Lamp is symbolic of the Fountain of Youthful Innocence, Dreams, and Wishes that I hold in the palm of my pretty princess hand as I dance and twirl among the stars. 

Aladdin parallels the storyline of Adam (of the Adam and Eve creation story) and details his struggles of overcoming pride, envy, and greed in the face of losing the light of his heart and the love of his life and the fire in his belly, in the face of utter darkness and despair while battling the swirling doubts, fears, and questions arguing his fragile mind and tedious brain. 

Jafar represents the power hungry fool who uses his “special gifts” for ill purposes and personal gain while blindly following the unnaturally verbose talking animal who doesn’t have an intelligent thing to say but just screeches in the most annoying voice until you can’t shut the idiocy out and obey out of laziness and apathy rather than resolution or true belief. 

Abu is the faithful animal companion that guides Aladdin down his mysterious path. Abu is symbolic of the positively peaceful relationship that exists between Humans and Nature. Abu has some pretty awesome talents. 

Love and defining what love truly means is the purpose behind this story. True loves power is the message behind the picture. And how time and trust are the cure to all that ails our unhappiness as a people. Happiness and Peace are the ideals being promoted. While absolute adherence to the basic cosmic tenet of “not a life lost to the cause” is maintained and detailed for all to use as a real life example of how to “fight for a cause”. 

It’s just in the bare bones stage right now. I’m working on adding more color and depth as I progress along my path to happiness and road to acceptance along the boulevard of broken dreams (definitely in the soundtrack). 

I’ll keep you posted as I develop more.