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I’m an odd one. I use my body to pay the price for humanity. And for that my body is in a constant state of suffering, all because we as humanity should suffer together. If there is one out there in pain, we should all be feeling the reverberations of their painful energies. And so I use my body to absorb the pain, suffering, and fear that currently plagues humanity so I may better understand the current state of life as a whole on Earth. 

With my brain overwhelmed and overworked, my mind scattered and on opposite sides of the spectrum in every case imaginable, my voice weak, my heart broken, my breathing labored, my bones aching, sharp bullets of pain regularly and erratically piercing me, my vision clouded, my hearing fuzzy, my muscles knotted and sore, starving, nauseous, and my energy stores depleted to emergency levels, all while carrying the weight of the future generation in my belly – I can tell you I feel and believe wholeheartedly that life is pretty fucked up for one and all. 

One of the scariest situations for me is my mouth and it’s very dismal prognosis. In my mind, teeth represent wisdom. Sadly my teeth are discolored, decaying, and even dead. On a physical to metaphysical conversion/translation – this is SO not good. 

To date I have had to remove two precious molars and have three more rotting away in my mouth. One of which has no visible tooth existing beyond the gum yet remains firmly in my mouth with the root canal/cavity being fully exposed. The other two are at vastly different stages of decay, with one having a third of the above gum tooth still present leaving two thirds missing and a deep cavern down to my root. The last one rotting away is in the early stages with the tooth only starting to chip away and the root only being partially exposed yet this part of the process is most painful as the nerve is still alive and hell bent on making me feel each excruciating moment of its death.

My teeth remind me of how much wisdom is being taken away just by living in the real world. Knowledge and understanding is chipped away with each new law, technology, and ultimately expectations made to “improve” our lives. The very society we created seeks to limit our access to that which makes humanity great. Instincts, intuition, and intelligence no longer guide our way when we so easily give our brains over to marketing, mass thinking, and media to tell us which direction to look and which way to process “reality”. 

The pain in my mouth demands I speak out against the laziness and sloth that has retarded our ability to properly utilize the gifts of the human body and spiritual connection. It screams for me to praise those who embrace their destiny and take back their life and live it on their own terms apart from the feeble minded being led to slaughter. And it prevents me from accepting anything less than total intolerance to the corrupt system our world has become and complete faith in the peace that is on the horizon. 

I just found out I have insurance this last weekend and so I am going to set out to get my teeth “fixed”. The crazy, manic, metaphysical/spiritual enthusiast in me hopes by fixing my teeth I can help cure some of the mental suffering of the people of the world. My mind is a powerful tool and one focused on perfect peace, who knows how deeply my roots run and is crazy enough to believe in the force of my insane “will-I-AMs” (or in lamense terms “God’s will be done”) power. Perhaps power that reaches right down to the very roots in each and every mouth carrying any teeth. Maybe my perfect peace will infect your wisdomless teeth and fill the dark cavities and crevices of the world and help eradicate the death and decay, filth and fear, loss and lies murdering the innocence of humanity. 

Wouldn’t that be nice?