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Happy Father’s Day in honor of the men who history remembers contributing to the creation of a system made by the people and for the people. Men who stood in the face of tyranny and demanded what was right and fair for their people. Men who I hold to be role models for what men should stand for – the role and responsibility as Father’s of Society. 

How far our system has fallen. How low the morale of each individual people to have forgotten what freedom truly means. How lost and desperate our souls to turn our lives over to nameless, faceless entities who only seek further enslavement and dismemberment. How weak the mind of the masses to believe themselves incapable of overthrowing the corrupt minority. How sad the state of affairs. 

I see hope on the horizon though, light in the face of darkness. As karma comes back to repay the long term accumulation of crimes against humanity directed at those who knowingly and willingly allowed others to sacrifice themselves blindly without full information on what they were committing themselves to, the enslaved will begin to wake up. The awakening is upon us and all we need to do is join together as our “day in the sun” begins. 

Reach out. Look up. Smile. Laugh. Live. Love. 

Don’t bother questioning life because life as we know it is going down in a lovely swirling ball of flames. The bad guys are finally going to pay their price and the good guys are going to win the war. Peace is on the horizon. 
And I for one can’t wait to meet the grandest father of all when he makes his triumphant return. Oh how glorious it will be. Soon. So soon. 

And yet I still find myself insanely impatient. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there raising their children to love and respect life and trust themselves before any system, law, or rule. Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there teaching boys they can be beautiful and girls they are tough. 

Happy Father’s Day to my Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. I miss you. I’m ready to go home. 

And Happy Father’s Day to the wonderfully patient man who stands beside me no matter how dark my day or how insane my talk, always there doing everything he can to raise our children to be the leaders of the world according to this unique mind of mine and holding us all to his remarkable standards of honor and responsibility and unflinchingly unconditional love.  

I truly am one lucky daughter.