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I love when an old piece of art suddenly calls for me to find it and share its story. I’m humbled to be able to hear its request and honored to present its tale to share as part of Alura. This piece came while I was alone and separated from my family over Christmas and New Years due to a particularly devastating breakdown. The details of the breakdown are fuzzy and so must not matter to the message of the piece. Interesting how that works… 

When I finished sketching I was immediately intrigued by how drastically different the shapes and strokes were compared to the sketches from the days prior. Where the others were primarily swirls and scrawled language-esque doodles this one had figures, landscapes, and was trying to say something. I didn’t know what it was at the time but I definitely felt a voice in the piece that wanted to be heard.  I finally understand it now!!
This piece was a Christmas gift from the universe showing me a glimpse of what is going on in the metaphysical realm my mind’s eye exists in. I’m suddenly excited to put color to this. I want to make it feel even more alive and real. 

The generic landscape is set “on top of all the worlds” and the tree meant to be dominating the left side of the picture represents THE TREE OF ALL LIFE. 

This tree is directly rooted beneath and within all forms of creation. From its prosperity, life gains possibility. From its growth, life gains maturity. From its branches, life gains an intricate web enabling all life forms to communicate amongst each other – all existing in different times and spaces, tongues and speeches, tables and shapes but yet all speaking about the same passion, purpose, and power on a very deep metaphysical level. From its blossoms comes the fruit of knowledge. THE TREE OF ALL LIFE weaves the web of existence we all find ourselves living in. 

To the right of the drawing exists what initially appeared to me to be a female reading a newspaper in the sky. She felt aware of the scene before her but was unconcerned about the details of what was happening. She was busy updating herself on the current events. 

Upon this glance around I am drawn to the fact her “face” is triangular in shape. This to me feels strongly related to the Holy Trinity. I also appreciate her hair as being a trio of curly couples representing the Holy Family (The Holy Father and Earthly Mother, The Holy Spirit and The Heavenly God-Host (or “Ghost”), and the Perfect Son and the Beloved Daighter. Deeper analyzing shows me that the triangle and the hairs together represent the end of time as we know it (666 in the form of six strands of hair, the three couples of hair plus the three lines of the triangle, and finally the six sides (not “tribes” you old religious fools) of the triangle). The “face” is blank and has a masked feeling to it as though the true face is being hidden from view. The current events the “face” is reading is actually the Book of Truth in the form of a “newsfeed”. 

Interestingly the figure in the middle of the sketch is connected both to the “face” behind the Book of Truth and the “newsfeed” itself. The figure is actually created from the words appearing in the Book of Truth however scrambled and condensed down to have solid form, shape, and identity. This figure has no face because the “face” is currently involved/away obtaining the necessary information being presented to her. While the “face” is away, the Form of Truth is fiercely channeling its energy to the TREE OF ALL LIFE giving the tree all the same words and definitions that creates and forms the Truth. In essence the Truth is feeding All Life. 

While this blessed transferance is occurring a darker, nameless, featureless, formless, faceless and malignant entity views and attempts to exert itself in the process with fiery and volatile results. 

I feel like I still need to add color to this piece to understand more of what is being shown. Also I feel painting this would connect to the sketch from Christmas Eve that I have already added color to. The other piece feels like information of the real world while the Christmas piece is relating info about the intangible world. Here’s what the Christmas Eve piece looks like right now. 


I figure around the time I get freedom to paint again will be around the time I am supposed to finish these paintings and understand the rest of what my gift was sent to tell me. 

Side note/Rant:

I love presents that take time and effort to understand and come from the depths of the heart. It gives the gift so much more meaning and speciality then something someone went to the store, picked off a shelf, and paid with lying pieces of paper or worse with a swipe of the infamous card of nothingness masking enslavment never thinking about what story they are telling with the selection they made, what emotion they channel into appreciation the gift represents and expresses, nor noticing how their lack of concentrated effort on the gift wraps itself around the object like a hot branding iron screeching “I don’t care to think long enough about what would move your soul, make your spirit soar, or your heart happy and so I grabbed another generic piece of junk for you to have to deal with under the pretense of showing my affection to you”. 

In short, give gifts of meaning, don’t buy presents of pettily priced pieces for the profit of others. Paint, draw, craft, work, labor, reward, relax. Use you body and mind not your pocketbook or bank account. You might find the gifts to have more sticking power and the world has one less reason to have to earn money.