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Life is suddenly positively bright and sunshiny. And as much good feeling energy as I’m soaking in, I am exerting just as much effort towards projecting my euphoria outwards for others to bask in. I feel like I have an aura surrounding me. It feels flavored with love, luck, and light. It has a subtle vanilla scent that whispers of lilacs. So soothing and calm. I hope people feel it too. It would be a shame if I’m the only one benefiting from this miraculous tuning of my body’s energy flows.

I walked by the mirror while making a beeline for the potty and I was stopped by how sparkly and shimmery my image “felt” when I looked at myself. It was curious and exhilarating at the same time. I took a couple pictures to see if I could capture the magic, so to speak.

I don’t know about magic. But I feel good when I look at my reflection. It feels pure and innocent, golden and glossy, passionate and poignant, and wise and willing. I wanted to look longer but staring at myself in the mirror feels too vain for my liking. And so I will post my five selfies that are blurry and unoriginal but yet feel so authentic to who I truly am.

I love that “my room” is green and hand worked with a sponge for special effect. The energy and thoughts of the person who worked on this still lingers and I enjoy it. It is comforting and loving. Like a hug in the form of paint on a wall. Very interesting for my manic mind.

My room is also filled with a random smattering of “crap” that I will make useful. Kind of like my mind and how I’m determined to revolutionize humanity and elevate us to the positive place we are supposed to be in this world. It’s crazy but I am just crazy enough to know it’s possible and sane enough to put the pieces together and get the ball rolling on a metaphysical level. The mind is a powerful tool if you but first learn to tame your brain into submission and channel your energy into progress and positivity. I’m learning and teaching as I go. Free of charge because only assholes try to profit from knowledge.

  Notice the red, white and blue? That’s because I was born and raised in America and I am hell bent on restoring peace to the citizens, prosperity to the land, and positive examples for the world to appreciate. “Long live Lady Liberty, may she reign supreme once again.”

I like blurry photos because they too represent me honestly. Oftentimes when I am out of sync with people my “aura” feels fuzzy and undefined. I’m still learning how to term my “crazy” metaphysical feelings and translate them to something the world at large can understand. But I do know when I’m absorbing metaphysically synchronized feelings, reality blurs and every detail I can latch onto delivers meaning and messages in the form of very clear knowledge presenting itself in my brain. Knowledge I didn’t have before but can feel absolute power behind its force of truth. It is often times mystifying knowing I’m talking out of my ass (metaphorically) yet speaking absolute truths (metaphysically) and crippling knowing not a single person cares to know the profound discussions I get to have with the universe. Like the universe is my long lost friend desperate to fill me in on everything humanity has been missing out on. I’m okay knowing that on some level my knowledge is being subconsciously transmitted to humanity as a whole to be discovered upon each individual person’s own awakening.

Until next time when I have more opportunity to explain the absolute awakening I am experiencing in accepting myself truly and honestly.