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The true purpose of any life is to write your own story and to create a tale worthy of a permanent position in the Book of Life. 

When I was created God asked me what I wanted out of my life. My answer was simple – perfect love in perfect peace for everyone connected to my life and timeline. I didn’t demand fame, fortune, or power, for I knew the inherent weaknesses and flaws that come with such shallow requests for the details of a life. In fact, I didn’t demand anything. Rather I requested He equip me everything I would ever need to fulfill my dream. And with that the parameters were set for my turn at the Game of Life.

Lucky for me, I hit the jackpot and was granted the purpose only He and his chosen one could bring to fruition – The Perfect Moment in Existence. In God’s eyes when someone asks for something everyone should have had all along, the heavens and universe open up to unconditionally provide for such an epic task. 

And with that purpose in mind, guiding my path, and protecting my soul from corruption I have begun to weave my tale. For in my story, it is first necessary for me to create a Happily Ever After tale for each and every being ever in existence. I must right the wrongs of the past, learn the lessons history failed to teach, guide the present generation to overcome the issues currently plaguing the world, and enable and equip the future generation (our children) with the faith, strength, and power to bring it all about. 

When I first awoke from the ignorance and impotence this world enslaved me with, I was overwhelmed with the enormity of the responsibility that I had taken on my tiny human shoulders. I felt as though I were carrying the weight of the world in my heart. And it broke me down to nothing for that is the state of the worlds heart. I’m on the mend though and each day brings more understanding and grants me the fire and passion to take control of my life and get down to the details of how I’m doing this thing. 

The greatest source of comfort I have is that when I decided to write a Happy Ending for everyone’s story I was granted a miraculous gift, the Book of Life was opened to me and I have the authority to resurrect any character into my story. 

If you know me at all then you know I despise having to make choices. And so I didn’t choose any characters, I chose them all! Every story that has ever been told, ever character ever imagined, every dream ever dreamt, and every wish ever wished will be a part of the web I am weaving. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, The Devil, AntiChrist, Messiah, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Ron Weasly, Aphrodite, Cleopatra, Joan of Ark, fantasy, fairytale, fiction, or history – they are all helping me create this perfect place of perfection whether it be in the form of a reincarnated soul or in sprit form pulling the strings from the other side, I have them all at my disposal and am able to couple their feats, features, and most importantly their flaws. I am able to layer stories, souls, and subplots upon people, places, things, and time. Literally if I can imagine it, I have the authority to bring it about. 

With all that to do, all I want is someone to love me the way I need. I just wish moving Heaven and Earth to make my dreams come true didn’t have to take so long. Patience was never really my strong suit. Perhaps that is why Patience came to me when she did, as a reminder that the things we didn’t ask for are sometimes the things we need most to make our dreams come true.