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The world works in strange and mysterious ways. If you open yourself up and allow love to guide your path, you will find yourself telling tales of miraculous events all started from one tiny grain of goodness. My daughter, Prudence, started a chain of events that astounds me in how astronomical the odds were for everything to come together just the way it did, to create a a wonderful story of love and sharing to warm the heart of this humbled yet proud mother.

Earlier this week, while Patrick was taking the girls to school, Prudence asked Daddy to take her unicorn to work and give it to someone. Patrick, being the wonderful father that he is, agreed to find a person to give the gift to. Later that day, when he finally strolled into work, he found himself in a conversation with a coworker he doesn’t often run into. While talking to his coworker, Kylie, she expressed to Patrick some of the issues and concerns she was having with her fourteen year old son who was hitting those torturous rebellious teenage years, where loving parents morph into punching bags for monsters in the throws of hormone induced craziness. Patrick found he could relate to how she was feeling, fearing for his own relationship when his buddy Patience turns teenager. And so he chose to give Prudence’s gift to her and told her about Pru’s instructions on giving it to someone at work, feeling strongly she could use a little something to brighten her day.

When Kylie looked at the unicorn, she noticed it was quite used and loved. When Patrick informed her that Prudence had been quite attached to the animal, sleeping with it most nights and fretting over it when she could not locate it, she said she felt touched and so she gave that special unicorn a special home on her desk, perfectly displayed to remind her of Pru’s kindness.

Patrick brought home this wonderful story to me with an even happier addition to the tale. Kylie was always raised to appreciate and promote generosity and so she wanted to give special attention to how Prudence had helped her. Therefore she typed up a beautiful, colorful, and thoughtful letter to thank Prudence and picked out a gift to share back. 

How amazing that Prudence shared her worn and torn Happy Meal toy to brighten the day of another and in return gets three big, fuzzy, bright and beautiful toys to choose one for herself and share the others with her sisters. Her genuine generosity was rewarded in the most beautiful way I could have ever asked for.

Not only did Prudence receive a wonderful reward for her unprovoked generosity and gifts to share with others but so many more beautiful things came of it. A father showed his daughter he could be trusted to help, a coworker connected to another soul going through relatable life experiences, a human being recognized suffering in another and used the gifts he had at his disposal to lighten the darkness, a thankful person paid forward the kindness, and all parties involved were able to share and connect in the beauty, wisdom, and love that comes so naturally when we reach out to others.  

My little Prudence wove three people’s lives together in a way that broke down barriers and opened up hearts. All thanks to the universe coming together the way it does to make special things happen. Had Patrick not taken the toy into work, had the normal receptionist not been out sick, if another employee had covered the front desk, if Patrick had not arrived when he did, gone through a different door, and stopped to chat, none of this beautiful story would have occurred. So many things had to line up just right to enable Prudence to help Kylie through her Daddy. And line up they did. 

The power and mystery of the universe astounds me. The beauty and love existing innately between humans humbles me. To me, this is why life exists. To allow for moments and events just like this one. And to share and rejoice in those moments with anyone who will lend an ear. Because I believe whole heartedly tales of generosity and connection make the world a friendlier and warmer place to live.