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A queen bee visited my home today in her quest to find a home for her colony. Somehow she found herself trapped in my dining room, frantically trying to escape through the giant bay window that was sealed shut. Her frantic attempts to get outdoors attracted my attention. 

As she was crawling on the window I slid a piece of paper under her and lifted her in an attempt to walk her out the back door in the kitchen. As I took a couple steps she took flight and flew straight back towards the window hitting it roughly and falling down to the sill. 

I wanted to help get her outside but I didn’t want to scare her anymore. I then thought to open the window and see if I could unstick the screen and raise it enough to release her. Thankfully, it came up with minimal effort. 

I was worried for the queen. She hadn’t moved much since hitting the window and I was concerned she may have injured herself. I slowly raised her and the paper she had fallen onto towards the open window. As I stuck the paper outside she moved a little, much to my relief. But even with a firm shaking I could not get her to fly away. 

So I pulled her just inside the window and looked at her. In the wonderful coincidence of the wild, she turned her glossy black eyes towards me as well holding my gaze. I felt a connection. I quickly worked to calm my emotions and project peace and hope to my newest friend. 

In my mind I thanked her for blessing my home with her presence and for granting the wisdom that comes from the spirit of the bee. I wished her luck on her journey and offered peace and protection should we ever cross paths in another time and place. 

As I finished that thought she turned and flew out the open window. While I watched her disappear into the grassy green of outside, a vision and understanding of the Mother Goddess, who often manifests as the dancing bee came to mind. I was reminded she was a warrior goddess representing fertility and possessing the virginal attributes of The Mother. Her message was an indication for me to focus on love, healing, and unraveling the veiled mysteries of the universe. She impressed upon me the importance of maintaining the qualities of a mother in my journey through the unknown. As the vision faded I felt a warm energy spread over my being and a new strength arose inside my spirit. 

I received my message loud and clear and I am busy clarifying how I’m to factor that into my life. I love when the universe reaches out to me. It is always so comforting and reassuring to feel nature and existence running synergistically with my life plans for creating world peace and prosperity. It is good to know the world metaphysically still wants to fight for our continued existence. 

I hope humanity finally stands up and shows them we are worth the effort.