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I love when eerily weird stuff happens. Today I took all the girls and their cousin for a walk in the graveyard by our house. While their cousin asked to push the baby in the stroller I stayed by him on the paved road to help with any runaway stroller incidents. Prudence wanted to race ahead instead of tag with Patience. Instead, I suggested a game to Patience of running and dodging the gravestones to hone her ninjas skills. She took to the task eagerly. I told her my only rule was that she didn’t hit or step on any gravestones.

At one point she hurdled an upright stone, landing right in front of a flat stone in the ground. She ninja halted, changed directions, and never came close to looking like anything less than fluidly graceful while completely avoiding the stone as I said. I was so impressed!!

I started heaping on such praise that the other kids came back to ask what had happened. When I stepped onto the grass of the graveyard for the very first time ever, to demonstrate her awesome ninja move to the other kids, I found myself landing on the grave of a Mother who died on the same day I was born, just in 1946. I had to take a picture.

How cool that the first grave I, by random chance, happen to stop on shares a birth/death day connection with me. I love weird creepy stuff like that because I was also drawn to another local grave at the Glendale cemetery of a woman who actually died the same exact day I was born. Weirdly cool… To me.

Thank you to the wise and mysterious universe that always keeps my life interesting and full off weird oddities and strange intrigues. It never gets old and so neither do I where it really counts, at heart.