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Real men find the way to be their daughter’s best friend, role model, and Prince Charming with nothing less than blinding love for an innocent heart and the insane instinct to protect her at all costs.

Even if it means asking her for Mountain Dew and getting served in a miniature pitcher and cup and drinking it all with nothing less than total enthusiasm and resigned acceptance of ridiculousness.





This Mommy watches as their bond becomes unbreakable and their hearts are both healed of the pains this cold world inflicts on good people just needing real love and healthy relationships. As I watch my daughter grow and trust her father, my own heart heals of the pain of having a father who didn’t give his daughter the love she needed as a child and fills the empty void with the blissful peace of knowing I am actively saving my daughter from that fate by allowing her father to be everything to her and encouraging her to look to him as her own personal super hero.





I can’t change my past but I can heal my heart with the present. Which is after all why the here and now is such a gift because while times may change, feelings don’t. Only when we heal ourselves do we move past our pain. My broken heart feels much better knowing I don’t need my “Daddy” to save me anymore. I married my superhero and he spends every day making me feel like he has a heart of steel specially made to cure my broken heart and lonely spirit. And that makes me feel as though I am the luckiest girl on Earth.

And there is nothing more healing than seeing a man love your daughter exactly the way she needs. And nothing more peaceful than when she crawls in his lap, saying “I love you Daddy” as she settles in.