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I love when work has an immediate positive return. I started painting the first round of the dining room and even with a slopped on first trim coat, the room looks and feels much brighter. Even the homeowner commented how bright it was looking.

Which is probably good considering he just experienced me going manic on Mr. Slob. I couldn’t help it and Mr. Slob actually asked my opinion, silly guy didn’t know what asking a manic bitch her opinion entails. He actually asked what I thought about him telling his son he couldn’t be an astronaut because the didn’t make helmets big enough to fit his head. He actually asked psycho kids rights mom if I thought his particular brand of child abuse was funny. And actually expected me to laugh along with him.

Had this been a one time comment I would not have taken issue however I have seen him make fun of the child in question long after the kid has developed a complex about the big head his father keeps poking fun at. “But he’s just joking” Ugh.  I lost it and told him how messed up I think it is that he would give his child a complex about his body and then continue to think the joke is funny while the kid is openly hurting for his father’s comedic pleasure. Screw that. That is messed up beyond belief. Unfortunately my manic beliefs and communication skills always offend people and never result in productive conversations. Just me getting passionate (read loud) and shutting people down when they get rude or start attacking me and not my argument. Which is how this conversation abruptly ended. Me interrupting him every time he tried to get the last word in to keep the conversation going that I needed to shut down. Oh well.

At least my dining room is starting to look bright and pretty. Mr. Slob is still failing to clean up after himself but I will be able to look at the pretty walls when he leaves his trash and clutter all over the place. Hopefully that will help me not be a royal bitch for having a grown adult who actively chooses to leave trash everywhere he goes rather than placing it in a trash bag located right by him. Fingers crossed.



Tomorrow the game plan is to start adding in the wall color and caulking the baseboards and trim. Can’t wait to see how it progresses.