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I’m settling into a new house. The new one is no where close to the conditions I need to maintain sanity but life does not offer poor people many options and even less to those deemed mentally ill. So I move from carbon monoxide poisoning, no heat, no water, no kitchen fixtures but a stove and refrigerator to a better conditioned house with less hospitable mental stability. But an improvement has taken place and so I am happy.

I can’t stand that I am living with a bunch of slobs who can’t clean up after themselves but I can appreciate having a working kitchen and hot water to bathe in. Life is good when you look at the good. And so I will.

I am moving into a man’s home who has been having a rough time financially. He hasn’t had the money to fix up the house since his last tenant moved out instead renting it to a man who wouldn’t care for it the way it should be. Enter me. The manic bitch who stepped in the house and saw immediate potential for improvement. With just a little bit of painting.

The day after I stayed my first night I had Mr. Slob cleaning up the mess he wouldn’t clean up himself. I helped him the way I would hope anyone would help me when my own messes get that out of control – with silent determination to clean and no judgment. We turned the house around in no time at all, the home owner couldn’t believe how much of a difference we had made. He had especially negative comments regarding Mr. Slob’s living style. I assured him I was interested in improving the house while I stayed to which he seemed relieved, also to have a tenant with the ability to contribute towards bills.

So after taking the weekend off I got to work painting in the dining room. I love this huge window that allows so much natural light into the room. It is wonderful. The current color scheme is so drab to me. I feel like it darkens what could be a bright and lively room.


The carpet needs replaced. Desperately. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to sanding the wood floor underneath and painting it. It is in remarkably good condition for the age of the house. Regardless those are expenses that will have to wait because carpeting is pricey and a good area rug in the middle could work nicely to cover the huge hole in the middle of the room.


Regardless, carpeting and or decor come after I get these rooms painted the way I want. Then I can figure out how to decorate.


I’m insanely nervous about my new living conditions but I am euphoric to have another house to put some love back into. I’m so tired of old houses falling apart because people are too lazy to put a little time and money into reimagining a dated house. I don’t have money but I do have the time and heart. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.