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Sometimes waiting until you’re an adult to experience a childhood dream is well worth the wait. I feel I was able to experience it from all sides and gain a deeper sense of contentment from the evening. Tonight I spent my time getting Patience and Prudence ready for their very first Daddy/Daughter Dance. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as we got ready touched me deeply. They love their Daddy and they not only know he loves them deeply, they trust him when they don’t trust themselves. Patience is scared to dance tonight but when we explained how she could dance on Daddy’s feet so she wouldn’t mess up, she perked up about all the whole dancing part of the evening. Both girls were bundles of energy the moment I told them we were getting ready for the dance.




Their excitement was nothing compared to the indescribable aura radiating from Patrick tonight. It melted my heart every time Daddy complimented his little girls on how lucky he was to have them in his life. With the way he kept gushing about those babies, my heart was basically ooey gooey lovey mushiness. Yes, seeing this really set off my euphoria. I was on cloud nine when he asked to make sure I took pictures tonight not just with my phone. He was so excited he wanted to have pictures of his own to show off to any and everyone he could. That man is everything I could ask for in a Father and I am so lucky to have found him to raise my children alongside me.



As I watched the car drive away I felt at peace. I didn’t have parents that loved me more than they loved themselves. I used to be mad at them for it. But not after tonight. I needed my parents to raise me the way they did so I would want to never raise children in a home where love and understanding weren’t the most important virtues present in a healthy family and prosperous home life.

If my father hadn’t been so absent from me emotionally I would never have found a man who martyrs himself for the sake of family. If my mother hadn’t been looking out for herself my entire childhood I would have never made sure I told my children how very important they are to me everyday until they got sick of hearing it and now roll their eyes when I remind them I love them no matter how bad they behave or how loudly I yell. If I didn’t experience the childhood I did, I would not be able to create the perfect family environment I was desperate to have grown up in as a child for my own family. If I didn’t suffer as a child I would never have found the passion to ensure my children never had to feel the heartbreak of a loveless home and family.

I’m not the child of the best father on Earth but I am proud to call him the Father of my children. Giving your daughters everything you needed as a child feels good for my own broken hearted soul and allows me to release the baggage and negativity I carried against a family who never cared enough to learn the right way to love. No worries because I got there in the end and I’m going to make sure I spend every last moment I have teaching children that real love and trust do still exist in the world.

P.S. They are having a good time with friends at the dance.