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I wish I could be given the opportunity to flesh out a new school system. I really think I could come up with a structure that would fix the problem of children not receiving the love and attention they require to grow into healthy, capable, functioning adults because of parents and a society too caught up in the chaotic mess of money wars. Instead of forcing children to conform to standards that don’t consider individual strengths and weaknesses, the focus would be on giving the same attention to detail to every individual child, regardless which side of the poverty line they exist on, to promote connection and community.

While the battle rages over who gets the money and where it is best spent, our children are paying the price of our greediness. First the fathers were pulled away from their wives and families in an endless need to produce work that doesn’t help the family but ever pulls the men away from their counterparts while reinforcing the societal belief that money provides all that sustains us. When society started to fall apart because fathers were no longer around to discipline the children properly, mothers were pulled into a role they were never meant to bear – sole parental responsibility. Healthy children need both parents to lay down the same law from a male and female perspective so they can develop their own views based on all sides of the equation. When society started to fall apart due to the greediness of man, and the ever present wars over resources and egos, women stepped up yet again and took their myriad of talents to the workforce and started what men had been supposed to do all along, support the family.

So now the current style of affairs stands as both parents working their tails off to provide a completely materialistic lifestyle to their children completely devoid of a healthy loving family connection due to the loss of both parents to the workforce that keeps demanding more time while providing less benefit and the continual increasing prices of valuable child care by concerned adults interested in the welfare and growth of individual children. We have literally sold our children’s lives to the hands of the highest bidder, concerned only with producing more standardized children capable of filling in the correct bubbles on tests of worthless information instead of developing healthy personalities and abilities that enable the child to grow into an adult who determines what is right and wrong for themselves, instead relying on an increasingly immoral society that covets and worships celebrity and extreme wealth and influence.

Children need constant love and guidance. With parents working all hours of the day, losing themselves in technology all hours of the night, when does that leave time for loving or guiding? Truth is is doesn’t. That’s a cold hard truth our society seems unwilling to admit so I say it for everyone. While we adults are worrying our lives away over money, bills, and possessions there is no one left to provide the only thing those babies care about – love. And so our future generations are growing never knowing what it means to be loved, never learning how to love properly, and to continue perpetuating the cycle of unconcerned and lazy love and understanding that plagues this planet.

Well, I care. I care enough to say that the entire system is broken. I know enough to say that we need to throw the entire mold out and start from scratch. We need to incorporate the lessons that parents should be teaching their children but aren’t able to teach due to their ever increasing demands away from the family. We need to start emphasizing love and morals while children are young and impressionable. As they grow, we need to give the time and attention to each individual child so they have a solid and consistent support system for growth that focuses on their personal strengths and abilities rather than the the “norms” set by a clueless and careless society. I believe wholeheartedly we need to create a community of concerned individuals interested in nothing more than the complete and total wellbeing of children, a group of people who want nothing more than to help children live a better life than the one served to us adults in the pig trough that is this world.

I have ideas for how the school would be shaped. I already have activities and programs for growth and acceleration of community involvement. I see ways to use the inherent benefits of having a school full of children to financially reduce the cost of teaching them and lessen the burden on the community at large. I feel the passion for teaching children to love themselves completely, help others endlessly, give back to the community always, and create positive growth for society at large.

I want to do this. I want to take all of our lost children and give them a real community of learning, growth, and acceptance to call home. I want to create a system that provides the unconditional love and support of a mother, the endless wisdom and sacrifice of a father inherent to men, the connection and sustenance from an actively involved community, and the unflinching belief that children ARE the future and thus demand EVERYTHING we have at our disposal to create the best possible minds and abilities to shape the future.

Give me the the chance and I will teach our children to aim for the stars while enabling them to figure out how to achieve success relative to their own individual needs and abilities. Give me my pedestal to teach from and I will give your angelic children back their wings and dreams of flying. Give me the resources and the commitment of all parties involved and I will fix our society starting with the most lost and forgotten treasure in this world – the children.