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Taking a midday break. Oh my. Family vacations are high energy, fast pace, nonstop until you drop. And I absolutely love it! I am beyond exhausted and I can’t wait for some of the numbness to return to a sensation of feeling in my legs so we can head out to see if we won the jackpot for 10,000 tickets at the Arcade here at 6:00pm.

It is like being a kid again. Patrick got a flash of it in the arcade. He was playing those quarter drop games with the sliding bar that pushes over quarters if you land yours in “just” the right spot. Read: it never happens. …He didn’t drop it in the right spot. But that didn’t stop him from giddily trying again and again. Nor did it keep him from playing multiple rounds on the basketball shooting game with the balls he remarked were “way too flat”. He and I faced off at ski-ball. No matter how hard I tried my darn ball always wanted to do a curve spin to the right. Patrick decimated me.

While the adults were embracing their youthful side, the actual youths were sticking quarters in every game and getting ticked off when it didn’t start. Turns out it didn’t start because they would put one quarter in a game that took three. Kids. Hehehe. Once they got the hang of the games, Prudence proceeded to absolutely tick Patience off. One of the first games she played won her two hundred tickets. Patience was livid when she only won five. Prudence had quite a winning streak gaining a sizable ticket stack and despite Daddy giving Pay every last ticket he won, she still had a little ‘tude about “losing” at tickets. Oh my little perfectionist.

I feel like we have done so much, had so many experiences, and we have only just been out for four hours or so. I’ve also only explained what happened in the arcade which was the last thing we did before we came back for our midday break. And I did so with very little details.

I didn’t touch on the girls in the ocean, on the beach, flying kites, the casino, or the food. All which came before the arcade. So much for chronological storytelling. Oh well, I’m still having a blast.

Here’s a couple pictures from the arcade and our break.

Patience trying her hand at a game of chance.


Prudence, Providence and Daddy getting some quarters!!


Patrick “owning” the hoops with deflated balls.


Resting up before heading out.