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Carbon monoxide poisoning, another slumlord reveals himself, and life gets darker than it has ever been. Until this morning when my six year old, Patience, stated she wanted to visit the beach so she could add seashells to her rock collection. I told her it wasn’t likely we would get to head to the beach since we do not have money to spend on expensive trips like traveling to the ocean. She said she understood.

When I told her father, Patrick, of our conversation something happened. Something changed. He immediately started planning an unprecedented event, a family vacation. With a few hours notice we got as ready as we could, packed up the kids, and jumped in the car and are en route to Atlantic City!

There have already been countless hiccups but nothing can penetrate the aura of excitement that is positively permeating our tiny little sedan. We have officially left Ohio and are working our way through Pennsylvania. This trip is for real. So long Akron!!

My girls are having their dreams of swimming in the ocean come true and I’m getting to be there to witness it. My husband is rewarding his family for the trials we had endured. Everything feels so good right now. My life is as wide open as the ocean we are going to be visiting.

This is how life should feel all the time. Endless excitement, unbridled hope, unlimited gratitude and a complete feeling of contentedness. I’m a happy girl right now.

I can’t wait to see wait the rest of the weekend has in store for us! šŸŒ