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I got my results. I passed with flying colors and have begun receiving the next wave of understanding and premonition for what is to come for us all. Goodness gracious what a flood of information it is!

In the tidal wave of information, I’m trying to sort out what is a warning, what is meant to inspire, and what is a prediction that can be changed with action. There’s tidbits regarding my personal future splintered throughout copious amounts of humanity’s highly intriguing future, so there’s that to work through. I’m slowing filtering in what I learned from the Details of my Trial with the abundance of cryptic and patterned messages. I figure the best place to start is the clearest and and most easily explainable.

The loudest and most deafening message came after the epiphany I had regarding Ending my Hatred with a long time enemy. When I released this final negative karmic baggage I was choosing to attach to my heart and head, I was released from the last shred of misconception I was operating under subconsciously. Afterwards my head was filled with thought bubbles, tricky bibles, and titanic baubles as this rhythmic chant started consuming my subconscious thoughts:


We, as a people, have entered what I’ll term as The Grace Period. Up until this point in time things have been bad: wars and agendas, famine and poverty, plagues and illness, and endless pain and suffering of the heart and soul. Death is the flavor of the world these days. People live and die without ever getting to taste what it truly means to be alive all while trying to make a life in this unjust and cruel world as they were born to do.

Not anymore. The Grace Period is going to be a time of light, love, and understanding. People will begin to awaken to the goodness in themselves and the healthiness of reaching out and ending the suffering of others. People will begin to thrive and prosper again! All because we will begin to see the power of love to lift us all.

We will be seeing an increase in worldwide efforts to create peace, redefine poverty, end homelessness, and give opportunities to those who were never given a chance before. This will be a time when hopes, wishes, and dreams start coming true. Everyone will start to feel the wealth and pleasure of having love reign supreme over land.

Things are about to get really good!

But why now?

Because all too soon things are going to be getting really bad. The Grace Period can be thought of as a relative peaceful calm before the unending darkness that is about to unleash itself upon any and all unsaved souls.

We are being given the opportunity to rebuild the world into a closer model of what God would have created for us had we not chosen to walk apart from divine wisdom and understanding, instead choosing to rely on our own human intelligence and sciences. We are being given the opportunity to bathe as many people in light and understanding of love and health as we can possibly handle.

Currently there are three types of souls residing on Earth:

The Saved, The Lost, and The Hardened

The Saved represent all those beautiful souls who were able to see through the illusion of this reality, the lies and untruths of religions setting themselves apart from God, the cruelty and crimes committed by humanity against humanity, the sickness and death permeating Earth’s exterior, and the pain of suffering of broken hearts never feeling the warmth of love. They saw around all of this and found their salvation on their own, without having anyone to properly lead the way. These geniuses found God in a godless world. And for them, they will receive eternal glory and praise for it is a strong soul that can survive in total darkness and produce light from nothing.

The Saved lit their own candles and promoted the ideals and wisdom of God without needing the word of God to lead them. Now it time for the Saved to hold their candles high in the air and wait for God to turn them into flame throwers. Because it is time for us to burn this mutha’ down and light up the night’s sky!

Finally those who have been holding their own light, knowing the truth it represented will be called upon to lead the way to a better tomorrow. When you receive your calling, start lighting as many candles as you can. The more you save, the less people that will have to face the darkness that is coming. The darkness the Saved will never have to know.

Who are we saving?

This is where the real work comes in. We are to save every last soul we can but we need to be as efficient as possible for the Grace Period doesn’t last long. It is essential to expend effort where there is a chance for salvation but turn our backs on those souls too lost in their darkness and depravity to see the light of true love. For these souls know their time is soon up and they will take up every last second to keep us from saving anyone else.

The Hardened represent those souls too dark and depraved for our light and love to ever crack their crusty disgusting exterior. These are the nasty men who represent themselves as God’s conveyors of knowledge meanwhile they molest and rape the innocence of children behind closed doors and mask their atrocious behavior behind lies and fear mongering. These are government officials who knowingly enslave their constituents into poverty and destitution meanwhile they live high on the hog on the back of the broken souls they’re responsible for killing.

These are those monsters that take life away from the living to feed their own darkness and depravity using money, lies, power, position and profit to further their own aims while callously disregarding the souls dying for their personal benefit. These are the people I would slay with my Sword of Truth every single time they stepped in my presence. For their souls deserve that which I cannot define because God does not allow me to get that dark. Thankfully.

The Hardened are the worst of the worst for they often appear as those we would most easily turn to guidance: the prettiest, the most popular, the
most politically correct, on and on. These people thrive on touting themselves to be the best of the best in their particular field of depravity. Their ease of presence should be the biggest indicator of the hardness of their soul. Those who have cut off their identities to excel in general have turned their skin to stone and become impervious to love and divine understanding.

When all the world is bathed in light and love during The Grace Period these walking dead will seek to tear it all down with their harsh words, negative attitudes, and raging hatred of positive progress towards equality of any kind. Their warts are really going to start showing the prettier the world gets. For no longer will their outsides mask their nasty, decrepit, sinister, and slithery insides. You will see these horrors for what they are, devils and demons and walking dead.

Turn and face the Living!

Which leaves us with the Lost souls. I simply define these people as any poor soul whose life has been too hard, lonely, ill opportuned, or otherwise negatively viewed to allow themselves to open up and feel the light and warmth of the true love and understanding of an all-knowing, endlessly forgiving, and unconditionally loving God that is always doing everything He can to save the day in a world that actively shuts Him out every second life exists on it. Times are changing for the Lost for they deserve a choice.

They will get the chance to choose whether they will become Saved or whether they will join the ranks of The Hardened. The choice will be entirely theirs and theirs alone. They will make it while not feeling the pressure of time, money, or suffering – all things that turn hearts away from God. But they will make that choice alone.

Under no prodding of a Saved can a Lost one change status. The same holds true for the flip side. No Hardened may actively pull a Lost soul under during the Grace Period. Once again, free will has been reestablished for the Lost Ones to choose their way.

Know that this is their final chance to get it right.

Where does that leave me?

If you fall somewhere on the spectrum of “I think I’m saved” to “Hell Yeah, I’ve got the light!” then you are probably Saved. Start defining what God means to you outside of what the world told you to think of God. It is important to do so. For flamethrowers aren’t issued to people unwilling to write their own user manual.

Start turning your candle of personal faith into a torch alit by the Light of the Universe. Start saving others by spreading love and understanding of the trials and struggles they are facing. Race, religion, finances, nationality or any other negative line that could be used to divide us becomes meaningless. The only thing we are concerned with is Saved or not Saved.

Give help to those closest to you. Start in your own neighborhood. Ask if someone needs a meal cooked. Or a kid watched. Or a sidewalk shoveled. Spreading love and understanding is just that simple and just that easily opens the door to divine love and protection of a God you don’t even have to mention to demonstrate his power and comfort.

If you fall somewhere in the “I don’t think I’m Saved” to “Oh shit! How the hell do I know if I’m Saved?” Then you probably fall into the Lost Ones category. No worries if you are here. Up until this point you haven’t been afforded the opportunity to feel divine love and wealth. Things will be changing. Open your mind and heart for positive opportunities and you will begin to see your world change.

If you find yourself constantly drawn to the negative despite positive aspects permeating your existence, then you may be inching yourself towards the Hardened. That is a choice for you to make. Know that it a rough one for after the Grace Period of light, love, warmth, and positivity there will be punishment and great trials for the Hardened as a last attempt to harvest those Lost ones who didn’t make their choice quickly enough.

If you happen to be a Hardened who is reading this blog, consider me shocked. I would imagine you find me egotistical, blasphemous, insane, narcissistic, idiotic, and other similar negative labels that can be attached to someone who would look at you with all of the choices you made and say “You are a moron that sold his soul to a devil that doesn’t exist.” And give you the middle finger while doing so.

Run Hardened, run. I’m coming for you. And what I’ve got in store isn’t even an ounce of the painful punishment that is being dished out in just a few short years from the One I serve. Your time is up and let me tell you, of all the pleasure I take in this world, seeing your demise will be the icing on the wedding cake of all time.

Because that’s what exists at the end of all ends and starts the beginning of all beginnings: the Wedding of All Time. I’ve seen glimpses of it – it’s going to be an event you don’t want to miss.

Everyone Saved will be in attendance. Will that include you?