Faith to me is a personally developed belief structure that provides the physical motivation, internal determination, and metaphysical satisfaction to approach life and living. Every structure is wholly individualized. I believe two children growing up exactly the same way will inevitably result in two different belief structures due to the inherent differences in how minds perceive and process life experiences.

That being said, I believe that all belief structures are connected. By love. It is the tie that binds us to one another and allows us individually to coexist as humanity. By embracing our need to give and receive love, we embrace the concept that while details and specifics may vary, all are working towards living life and loving living. Which is all that matters at the end of the day.

My doubts in faith are actually singular. I doubt I will ever know everything there is to comprehend about higher powers, creating forces, and the connecting metaphysical relationships. My ability to accept fault in my wisdom and understanding of something beyond comprehension is by design. The second I believe I know everything there is to understand about these “things”, that is the second I crown myself “Creator of the Universe”. And while I have ridiculous narcissistic tendencies, believe with fiery passion and conviction in the power of love, and hold an insane belief in my own divine providence, even I would not go so far as to say I am god. For me, “Know-it-alls” and religions deserve a good poke in the eye for the false doctrines they preach, the condemnation they spew, and the constant fear and judgment they serve alongside lies and hypocrisy.

But that’s getting off topic….

Stained Glass Doubts

What does faith mean to you? Is there a particular faith you believe in? What is it about that faith that draws you to it? Are there particular doubts you struggle with?

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