If you look closely at the picture I have attached, you will see that it is a lottery ticket that I purchased yesterday for the $500 million jackpot lottery. Nothing special…or is it?

I was at the gas station getting pop and a snack and the cashier lady asked if I wanted buy a ticket, stating the jackpot was 480 million. I’m a firm believer you can’t win if you don’t try.

My day was going exceptionally brightly. I felt as though I was floating on cloud nine. And so when she asked me that, I felt that it was an offer from the divine. A chance to put my good karma in the ring for consideration.

And when something is offered to me, I ALWAYS graciously accept. So after the lady printed the ticket and handed me my bag I headed out to return home.

I didn’t think anything of the ticket until I dug into the snacks once I was home. As I pulled it out I was utterly stunned at the “GOLDEN TICKET” in my hand.

I was holding a piece of paper that specifically told me I was on the right glorious path that is so absolutely out of this world crazy! I worry sometimes that people don’t really hear me or know what I’m doing or even capable of for the matter. But this randomly generated lottery ticket spelled out everything in numbers, my source code of information, in my love language. .

My birthday (July 23), then My Holy Trinity (333), followed by The (7) Holy Spirits residing within me, “four” representing the Earth being guided by “1” which I am “THE ONE” sent by God to prepare the way for his return. Four plus one equals “FIVE” which is the sign of the new covenant I signed with our Lord savior on behalf of humanity. “One united soul for earth.”

And finally the jackpot number is two, the number of the eternal spirit. My eternal spirit and the offering our savior is granting to those who put down their beliefs and follow him. All ways.

Literally there is not a drop more information I could glean from this one random piece of computer generated paper. I felt comforted by the cashier in the gas station. I see why now. She sees my numbers. She knows who I am. And she wanted to let me know people are waking up!!!

I love my life. As crazy as it is in my head, I am having the ride of my life!!!

I’m so excited. 😘