I love this person. Whoever is writing this is a person after my own heart. I smiled as I read through this two or three times because it hits so close to home.

I have been caging myself in my house, my sanctuary, because I was scared of what the world would think of me. I’m not anymore. I’m ready to start walking and talking the life of a writer. I’m ready to be “THAT GIRL” that gets it.

Thank you for the motivational pep talk. I AM too legit too quit at a REAL WRITER’s life. This dog and pony show has only just begun…

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Writing is one of the best jobs in the world. It’s difficult, but certainly not in the same way that firefighting or Alaskan crab fishing or coal mining is difficult.

Some days I can work in just my boxers, sit on my bed with my laptop, and listen to music while I type away. Amazing, isn’t it?

Sort of. With other jobs, you have to get up early, get dressed, and go to the office. Sounds unappealing, but these dull routines are what make jobs feel real, unlike abstract, wishy-washy writing.

When writing, there is no boss to keep you off of YouTube. And when you are in the writing zone, people sense it and love to barge into your workspace and chat with you. No one else truly recognizes that you work, partially because writing doesn’t look that hard, partially because they cannot see the results of your daily…

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