This is a man after my own heart. I wish he would tread on my beaches, lay down in my sand, with ME in his arms.

If it is a he. Could be a she. Because I am kind of nuts about melons too. I just prefer cantaloupe or honeydew. Anything will due. I just want to die happy in his arms. Cradled for all eternity in the warmth of his light and love. At the end of my days.



I told myself that next kind of sunny day I would go and say hi to the river. I came across a little beachy spot that is just peachy for planting my feet in the crystalline sand wondering if the Earth can feel my heart beat as it gifts me infinite electrons through the soles of my feet feeding my soul and body in ways the human imagination has yet to understand on a global scale.

Could it be possible that the Earth doesn’t know that I’m here if it cannot feel my presence? Is it possible it does not know to provide for us if it cannot feel how many souls are crying out for Earths nourishment? After all, the planet doesn’t have eyes or ears like we do. Maybe the Earth grows us humans to have eyes to see her beautiful dance and ears to listen to her…

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